Report Card Time: Amir


Amir had nagging injuries in the 2nd half of the season, but still managed to put together a decent year. He shot a high percentage and had a number of very impressive games. The mid-range jumper he developed over the offseason expanded his game, creating space and forcing defenders to leave the paint to guard him. He needs to get more consistent, and if he can do that he could give us a similar presence to what Antonio Davis once did.

Grade: B-


I really enjoyed seeing Amir’s development. He plays smart, tough basketball, and with his defense improving he could become a really nice glue guy in the future.

Grade: B


Amir’s energy has stood out since he was acquired before last season. But now that he’s expanded his game, he’s more than an energy guy. He’s rounding into a functional two way player. I know the coaching staff is regularly bashed, but I think somebody deserves a special mention, particularly regarding Amir. And that’s Alex English. He’s helped transform Amir into a decent mid-range threat. That being said, it takes two, and Amir’s work ethic and willingness to evaluate and rectify his weaknesses is commendable, especially considering he just got paid. Clearly he loves the game, or else he wouldn’t play through back and ankle problems for a major part of the campaign, again, especially considering he just got paid. Game winning free throws versus the Celts and the game winning bucket versus the Thunder were terrific moments for him.

Grade: B+


Full marks for him bringing his game up a notch from the year before. I’d still like to see it go up one notch more though. Hey one really cool thing about Amir is that he is a proud Torontonian. And he’s a pretty good basketball player too.

Grade: B


The guy is a warrior. A 6’10 Alvin Williams if you will.

Uh oh.

Grade: B+


probably my favorite Raptor of the entire 2010-11 season.
he played hard, and really seemed to improve as the season went on. He started off as a fouling machine that could only grab rebs and hustle… but by the end of the year he developed into a legitimate PF who could go off for a double/double any given game.
Going forward, i think having Amir as our sixth man/big man fill-in will be a huge positive for this team. He’s a great role guy who is young and has potential to be very solid for years to come.

Grade: B

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58% give him a B and 32% say A is for Amir

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