Report Card Time: Jerryd Bayless


There was at least one solid move by Colangelo this year. Swapping out Jarret for Jerryd gave us a low-risk, high reward opportunity with a young player who is still on a rookie deal. He showed great play in extended starter minutes towards the end of the season, but he needs to make better decisions with the ball. Is he a future starter, or a streaky 6th man? Is he a 1 or an undersized 2? Time will tell.

Grade: B-


What jumped out at me about Bayless, was his ability to impose his will on a game, and to lead under some difficult circumstances. I will be very interested to see how he could fill a more consistently, well-defined role. In my mind he could fill Barbosa’s shoes as a combo guard coming off the bench. It would be nice to see him settle into something on a more permanent basis, as his game was up and down to coincide with being expected to do so many different things this season.

Grade: B-


– good numbers as a starter
– big time shot making in crunch
– played through injuries
– can break down and blow by his man
– attacks the rim, sometimes too aggressively
– plays with fire, on both ends

Needs to learn how to play at different speeds. Probe defenses, instead of just darting to the rim and chucking from his hip. Also needs to shave his head. All in all, a seemingly fruitful acquisition.

Grade: C+


A very talented player, who doesn’t put up with any shit and plays with passion. If he can develop a better feel for the PG position, we’ve got ourselves a keeper folks.

Grade: C


i’ve always been a fan of Jerryd, and thought he was wasting away on the Portland bench in his first 2 years… I always thought that this kid – on a shit team – would explode and put up huge numbers. therefore, i was a bit underwhelmed with his showing as a Raptor when he had the minutes to show his worth.
dont get me wrong, im happy he’s a raptor and hope he’ll be one for a long time, I just thought he would have made a bigger impact this season, but ended up being just barely average.

i like his passion and his fire, but he’s still very inconsistant and every game he goes through a spell where he loses control and becomes a turnover machine.
I think that with experience and time, Jerryd can blossom into a fantastic player… but for now he’s just a back up.
If theres one raptor im rooting for to become a star its him… i really hope he works hard this offseason.

Grade: C+

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