Report Card Time: Andrea


The enigma continues to frustrate raptorsnation. At times a dominant offensive talent, he spends most of the time checked out and completely unfocused. No help defense, poor rotations, lackluster rebounding, slow to react – he has shown little of the drive that endears Toronto sports fans. Has Andrea answered the question of whether he’ll ever be able to improve in these areas with a resounding ‘no’, or is he still just a 25 year old that is taking longer to develop the mental part of his game? I can’t help but wonder if there are a few gm’s out there that might want to take that gamble.

Grade: D+


Andrea had a handful of really nice games this season. Like maybe three. Other than that he usually had stretches of taking too many bad shots and being a spectator on the defensive end. He’s not getting better, and he shows no interest in being held to account or holding himself to account when he points to his inconsistent offensive prowess as an achievement, and downplays defensive issues as something that the team and the coaching need to solve as much as he does individually. If he could find a role that didn’t kill the culture that a young team is trying to develop, then he could be worth something here for a while longer. But it’s not hard to see where this team will need to convert inconsistent offense for some defense at some point.

Grade: C-


Over this year my general feelings about Andrea have shifted from lust, an erotic admiration of his towering grace, to indifference – fitting, I know. Nevertheless, there were some genuinely special moments for Il Mago this season, such as: putting up 40 in the garden, a strong effort while beating the Celts, and 26 and 12 versus the Thunder in a home win. Unfortunately, that was one of his two (I think) double doubles on the season. Two. Yep, two. Now, that blaze of hope that a #1 pick sparks has died into a cool ember. Cool like Primo pasta resting in Andrea’s tummy. Because we all know, there is no fire in it. Uh huh, two.

Grade: C-


Oh boy. How do you say “Other than some nice offensive games he pretty much sucked in all aspects of the game of basketball” in Italian?

I am a Bargnani fan. I like him. I want him to succeed. I want him to be a good ‘franchise player’. But he proved he can’t do it. Or he doesn’t want to do it. Who knows what the hell to do with him anymore.

Grade: C


Always wanted him to succeed and this was supposed to be the year he finally broke through. Unfortunately, he just broke.

Grade: C-


if before the season began someone told me Bargs would average 21/5, i’d be somewhat pleased.
but then I sit through the entire season and watch this big dumbass hang out at the 3 point line, shy away from contact, be a doormat on Defense – all the while running around with his mouth open looking clueless!

he may just be the most frustrating player in the league.

Its funny, i actually was rooting for him at the beginning of the year, and backed him in arguements…. i wanted so badly for him to do well, only to see him fail…. i have no more excuses for him, and he has no more excuses for his god-awful D.
the experiment is over for this guy… he will never be a successful Raptor.

Grade: C

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