Report Card Time: Jose

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A good leader for a young team, but still injury prone and a defensive liability. He’s shown a commitment to get better defensively, but he’s just not athletic enough to keep up with NBA players. Jose would make a great backup, but at his salary and minutes played, the Raps really need more from the position than Jose can give them.

Grade: C-


Jose is a great player to have for 30 games of any season. The NBA season is just too long for those legs of his, and his game just drops off so dramatically when he’s not 100 percent.

Grade: C+


– a complete professional
– willing to accommodate youngins
– some monster assist games
– 4 point play
– better defensively (for a stretch)

It took 6 million dollars to fix Steve Austin. Jose has close to 20 million owed to him over the next two years. Taking inflation into account, I think Jose can afford the whole shebang.

Grade: C


If we’re going on value alone, he’s pretty fucking awful. But if we’re grading him on actual play, then he ain’t that bad. Pretty good actually. More often than not he had the offense working really nicely.

Grade: C


A great guy, who showed a willingness to try and muck it up on D this year, but his shot failed him for most of the season and once again his body failed him. He’d look great on the Heat wouldn’t he?

Grade: C


Fuck you Michael Jordan!

Grade: C

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The gang on the forum votes 56 percent in favor of a C, 30 percent in favor of a B, and 12 percent liking a D.

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