Report Card Time: Ed Davis

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Missing the preseason and the first 17 games of the regular season was not a promising start, but Ed took the time he had to show that he belongs in the NBA. While his numbers are not spectacular, they don’t really tell the whole story. He showed flashes of excellent play – 17/11 vs Chicago, 22/13 vs New York come to mind – and became more consistent with the increased minutes. Davis finished the season averaging 13/9 over the final 11 games.

Grade: B+


Ed can guard more than his own man without breaking a sweat. He gets in good positions on both ends of the court. You can see that he simply has good instincts, and even as a rookie that had to fight his way into the rotation after missing the early part of the season, he was just able to show that he can play ball without needing to over-think anything. He changed a lot of shots; he made a lot of shots. He provided a nice jumping-off point for next season and beyond.

Grade: A


People fear change, which is why some Raptor fans vehemently opposed our 2010 lottery pick, Ed Davis. “But can he score?!”, questioned many. “What do you mean he’s not a threat offensively? What! Injury prone as well? Good grief!” Even coming off one of the worst defensive seasons in the history of the NBA, skeptics of picking a potential defensive stud let their collective voice be heard, “there’s a reason he fell in the draft”. Personally, I loved this pick from the get go. So much so, I refuse to credit Bryan Colangelo for it because it was the obvious choice. Literally, a no brainer. Even David Kahn would have got this one right. Kahn would have converted Davis into a PG, but I digress.

– blocks, changes shot
– physical man to man defender
– almost infallible finishing around the bucket
– jumper improving

Ladies and gentlemen, it took us five years or so to find an exciting young replacement for Vincent Lamar Carter. We found a replacement for Christopher Wesson Bosh before he even left.

Grade: A


He’s fundamentally sound, can D up,has good inside game and looks tough. What’s not to like about him? Too bad he already wants out of Toronto. just kidding.

Grade: A


I absolutely love this guy. Too bad him and his dad hate Toronto so much. I wonder what mom thinks about it?

Grade: B+


whats new? a fantastic young player who will potentially be the best Raptor player in a few years, but will probably leave at the end of his contract.
hooray for us!!!

i predict a HUGE season next year, and an even better season the year after…. and so on…. until he dumps us and become the next hated ex-raps player.

Grade: A

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On the forum, it looks like 76 percent say it’s a solid B, while 16 percent are ready to hand out an A.

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