Report Card Time: DeMar

School’s out, but those report cards can make or break the summer. The students of the game at RF will take a look at each player on the Raptors squad and offer their grades. We begin with DeMar DeRozan.


A great year for Demar. He still has lots to improve on – defense is inconsistent and 3 point shooting is abysmal – but he is becoming a confident offensive weapon, capable of taking the last shot. His attitude also seems to be a big part of the camaraderie that has developed, especially amidst the negativity of a losing season. Demar’s growth has been a bright spot this year.

Grade: A


He’s become increasingly consistent offensively, and without playing on an island. If he continues to improve, then he’s going to be able to help this team make a nice jump. With Ed and Amir I can see a core of players that can allow good team play to bring some wins as they all continue to develop and get stronger.

Grade: A-


As a rookie who was limited to a dribble or two off the bounce, shot the ball like he was trying to break the back board, and couldn’t finish in traffic despite being an athlete, I had low expectations for Demar’s sophomore campaign. But he certainly proved me wrong, and then some:

– handles, shot mechanics vastly improved.
– post game more diverse
– crafty in lane – dig that euro step
– doesn’t need the ball to contribute – utilizes screens well

Defensively though, there is much to be learned, young padawan. Namely, close outs.

I’ll wrap it up with a quote from the exalted George Costanza, who said, “it’s not a lie, if you believe it”. Despite contradicting general belief, Demar thinks he can be one of the best players in this league. If he persists in that belief, and the trend of doubling his point totals year in year out, he’ll prove the doubters wrong, all while averaging 1088 points or so by his 8th year.

Grade: A-


He showed promise last season and has delivered on that promise this time around. well pretty much. You know what? Going by his age and pre-NBA experience i am going to say this was his real rookie year and with that in mind i think he was pretty damn awesome. The guy is totally reliable with that mid range jumper and he still has the best hops in the league. and because i still consider him a rookie (yeah i am kinda joking – but not really!) i won’t shit on him for his defense. That will naturally become better with experience especially for someone with his athleticism.

Grade: A


Although he’s still a long way away from reaching his full potential, he proved that hard work does really pay off and provided a glimmer of hope in what was otherwise a dismal season.

Grade: A


i have to admit, when we drafted him i never thought DD would be anything more than an athletic dime-a-dozen wing. i am happy to be eating my words.
DD grew in leaps and bounds this season and flourished in his second year. improving on all aspects of his game; his jumpshot, his D, his ballhandling…. he stepped up his entire game – and he doesnt look to be stopping.
His growth from year one to year two was fantastic, and was the complete opposite of his counterparts (Tyreke evans, etc) who suffered the sophomore curse and struggled.

DD is our brightest star and I am confident he will continue his upward trend for next year… 20/5/5 for 2012???? i dont see why not?

Grade: A

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The early count shows 55 percent favor a B grade with 40 percent handing out an A.

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