claw marks: sick man award

Crawford and Barbosa seemed to be taking each other on last night. The other players were just witnesses. Crawford proved to be the sickest, with a swish from 30 feet.


I guess this should please those on the tank bandwagon – you want to compete against a good team (which we did), but then lose the game just in the end.

Good back and forth game though.


Big shot by Bibby, who I noticed kept passing off late in the game. He was passing to Josh Smith for 3pt bricks in the 4th Q!!

Raps zone worked well, but they blew too many wasted possessions this game.

I have to wonder if J Wright might have helped. Glad Sonny got an extra day rest.

Next game we need to get DeMar touches ALL game. Bargs, too. The Barbosa thing is fun, but not practical.


Huge shots in this game wow !
Jamal Crawford killed us with this shot from wayyy downtown with 1sec left on the shot clock. That was the turning point of the game.


We lost this game on the boards and at the line. They went to the line 31 times to our 12. How do we shoot 53% and lose??


Derozan went cold turkey after his hot start. He started forcing his shots down the stretch, TO the ball 5 times, and gave the Hawks that crucial three point opportunity late in the game. Not to mention the other three point opportunity he gave a few minutes before.


When you really love the game and are a hometown fan, it’s only natural to be upset. With the struggles this team has gone through this season, you gotta appreciate all the entertainment and effort they give you.

Let’s not forget that this is a 5th seed team that’s on another level with regards to talent compared to this Raptors squad, and they played really hard, just a heartbreaking loss.


Can’t believe some are blaming the refs. Bargnani and Barbosa collectively got away with about five or six walks tonight, while the refs whistled the Hawks for travels that aren’t normally travels – in the NBA that is. We also got the benefit of a few phantom calls, accounting for all the And 1’s.

I’m fairly pleased with a competitive game versus a quality club. As a proponent of the tank however, it was too close for comfort.

Also, Bibby is a gangster. His body language after hitting the game winner was that of a mental patient listening to the Pet Shop Boys.


I`ve always heard everyone complain that almost everyone on this team is bad on D (jose, bargs, DD) individually…is Triano or some assistant coach supposed to be able to change this and make them all bowens n perkins??

I remember in a broadcast…NBA coaches really only have like 5-6 diff “plays” n just slight variations of the same thing – its whether u have the personnel who cann do it. a head coach is there to be a motivate. etc. in my mind, most of these guys seem to be playing pretty hard, so Triano in my mind is doing his job ok.

btw I was completely fine with his play call at the end on the Jose drive in a one point game, high percentage shot, good free throw shooter if fouled (not like DD), generally not wild 1 on 1 drives and good handle on ball (not like Barbosa or DD) which would result in more likelihood of strip as Atl is locking down…and considering Bargs would most likely get most of the Def attention…I thought Jose drive was a fine play.

There’s something I always do when I watch the game – when a shot goes up, BEFORE it goes in or out, I decide whether it was a good shot or not. Too many ppl determine a “good” shot selection based on the result like whether it goes in or not. Bad shot goes in, I question the playcall still. Good shot rims out, o well bad luck. In this case, Harford made a good play, the playcall was fine for me. Just too bad but no complaints

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