claw marks: kissing off Cousins

The D-League came to Toronto yesterday, or so it seemed at times. The season is almost half over at least.


I know if you want to tank, these are games to lose. But it’s nice to win with big games from our top two players Bargs and DeRozan.

I do wish Jay would start Wright and give him more PT.


DeRozan last 10 games:
21PPG 3.5RPG 2.2APG 52% shooting

Someguy again

bayless needs to chill, barbosa needs to make his wide open lay-ups, and Bargnani needs to get in his man’s face and box him out. and demar needs to fuck up more, he’s becoming too awesome


It was nice to win the game but there’s some things this team needs to work on:

Firstly, offensively, I really don’t know what they’re doing.

Secondly, there’s too many one dimensional players on this team. Kleiza is only comfortable going right for instance. Play a team that knows how to defend and force him left and you could really limit his effectiveness. I don’t think he’s aware of his other teammates as well.

Next, Barbosa helps us with his speed but he hurts us when he’s got the ball in his hands and trying to make a decision. I’ll say he’s the worst decision maker I’ve seen by a player who’s played the guard positions.

There’s no reason this game should’ve been as close as it was. You’re playing a team that’s on the first game of a road trip, should be jet lagged with the early start and is without their best player and you don’t really have any answer for them offensively.


i was lucky enough to be at the game today and sat about 5 rows up from floor level…
heres what i saw:
Bargs started off the game literally banging down low, fighting for position, pounding his man… i was shocked at how much he was pounding down low, it was great!
and then by the end of the quarter, he just all of a sudden stops doing it, and it no longer happens for the rest of the game.
its as if the coaching staff has been telling him for the last few days to bang and fight and really use his body, and he does, but only for the first q, and then he forgets and reverts back to laying off the pressure.
it was weird.
Bargs’ skill level is through the roof. cousins and co had a very difficult time staying with him. his inside jumper in the paint is solid, and soft.

DD is getting more and more comfortable and confident… you can see it in his face, he is feeling it.
he moves great without the ball and really runs the floor nicely. this kid is going to be something, he is now realizing how to be successful, and he’s making it happen.

Bayless, is deadly quick… his first step is lightning… but he really needs to calm down and let the game come to him.

Jose is a leader, pure and simple. he talks so much and gets everyone involved. i felt so confident with him running the point, its a calmness that he has that Bayless doesnt have. i think the entire raps team feels it too (today it seemed that way).

Kleiza is a big boy, and he is slow as molasses… but he uses his body effectively on his defenders.


Why did Dorsey start over Amir? It amazes me how Amir hasnt started every game this year. Hes good, hes our best pf, he should be starting and getting starters minutes. Am I missing something?

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