claw marks: no snipers on this grassy knoll

It’s been a while since there’s been much to comment on about this team. It seems almost conspiratorial. A win in Dallas changed that. The FBI might have to investigate.


Dallas is going to be embarrassed when they read the papers in the morning hahaha. I almost felt bad for Dallas, then I realized we have one of the worst records in the league.


Ed Davis and Amir Johnson = New Twin Towers!…sorry Bargs just come off the bench and be a role player like a Rasheed Wallace-type and jack threes like you did in your Rookie year…

Sick, Wicked and Nasty

If only the team played with this heart every game. Fun to watch.


Perhaps the most spirited game I’ve seen this club play. Ever.

Player of the first half – Ed Davis. Stats speak for themselves, career-highs in all categories.

Player of the second half and my personal player of the game – Julian Wright. The polar opposite – stats tell nothing. He embodied the spirit, he played defence like he was possessed and he made incredibly smart offensive plays. Talk about affecting the game without scoring!

I am really proud of my team tonight.


Wright made some good plays, but honestly, Johnson had a much bigger impact and if anyone put their personal stamp on this game, it was Bayless. Jerryd was cold from the field but his passion infected the whole team. Yelling at Kleiza to “use his head” after Kleiza got tossed and then sacrificing his body on somewhat reckless drives to the bucket (with an already injured ankle), Jerryd led by example and by the time he got hurt, he had already gotten his message across to the team.

Now the worry is how long will Bayless be out. It could have been a sprain or a strain on his ankle (I hope to god it’s not a broken bone but it didn’t look like one). That type of injury could have Bayless sitting out anywhere from a week to a month or more, depending on the severity.

JoeyJoJo Shabbadu

This game says one thing. That Dirk Nowitski is on the short list for MVP this year…and that’s all.


ED DAVIS!!!!!!! What a game by him and it started early. At least there’s something positive for the Raptors this season. Watching Ed Davis progress.


This should be a wake up call to Triano to start playing Wright more and if Wright doesnt get atleast 20 min next game, Triano seriously needs to go.


wow i was really waiting for the Raptors to screw up, and not ge too excited but they fought right to the end GREAT GAME


That was kind of what I was thinking/hoping the Raps would be this season at best. I mean a lot of hustle, not much talent, but going at it on almost every game. Win one of three or four games, but always fight.

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