claw marks:the big apple bites


If it weren’t for a couple of mistakes, we could have won, or at least tie the game. If we are going to lose, at least we fought hard and lost to a three point shot that bounced 3 times around the rim.

Instead of looking at the 5-second call, not taking the foul, etc. , we should look at avoidable casual plays. Like Weems pulling up on a fast break. Like Kleiza, Barbosa and Sonny taking a 3 with lots of time on the shot clock. We need to play smarter- as shown by the result, every play counts.


Easily could have had it – Bargs missing the FT with less than 2 mins, the VERY close 5-second call, Jose not fouling Felton at the end, and the horrible play for the final shot all could have been different. Disappointing that even with a career night by Bargs, we still couldn’t pull it out.


all I can say is this…. about time guys like Linas and Weems learned that the ball goes to Bargnani first….. if he has nothing, then you can have a try…but only then.

Feed the guy the rock and he’ll score it.

Now only if he can learn to defend it.


The way Bargs was passing tonight, others will get their opportunities too. He was playing smart and has been doing that lately. He isnt forcing it too much and gives the ball back out when he feels he doesnt have the position. And tonight he also had nice passes out of double teams.

The thing is, he is only this good when his jumper is on and he gets some early baskets. If he doesnt get those, he becomes frustrated and his play goes down. We saw that in Indiana. We started out with Weems taking stupid jump shots and Bargs didnt get the ball. He ended up with a bad game and it was bad for the whole team.

This time Jay had clearly told Jose to give it to Bargs on every offensive set and it worked pretty good.


Every play should be a high post with Bargs.

The guy can actually pass, he’s shown this skill many times in the past.

It seems like every time he got the ball around the free throw line he either scored or created a chance for the team.

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