claw marks: shut up clarence


other than a shaky minute or so at the end, it was so, so nice to watch a professional victory. two-way basketball baby.


Great victory, especially since I was watching the OKC feed, which really makes me appreciate Devlin. Their guy was radically bias until the bitter end, claiming the Raps owe the Thunder for helping them draw their largest crowd of the season. And of course every Raptor bucket was either luck or made possible because of an uncalled walk. How sweet it is!


Jose thoroughly outplaying Russell Westbrook on both ends, running our offense and creating plays in our 3rd Qtr run, and not letting Russell do anything of significance in the halfcourt! Russell got better stats, but he got’em during inconsequential moments in the 2nd half! No impact plays like what Jose and our guys were doing!


I was shocked that Triano put Jose on Westbrook, but his pick and roll strategy was perfect with Amir/Bargs(whoever the bigman defender on the screen roll was) closed the area that Westbrook had quickly and we basically sandwiched him and he couldnt go anywhere.


this is what we look like when our PG is locked in

hence my desperation to draft Kyrie Irving who brings it every night, obviouslly I let go of that dream considering the way we are playing of late


Jose and Andrea had a good sweat going. If they get that, along with the added speed of Bayless and Barbosa (on both ends), good focus from Demar, Amir and Sonny, and what looks like the natural defensive ability of Davis, then this team can do some things.


The best thing I saw was that AB wasn’t just getting all the rebounds that came to him, he was moving to get rebounds beyond his immediate area, especially some nice hard fought offensive rebs. Not to mention jose, say what want about the 15 assists, but i havent seen too many times hes played better defence than this, against a legit top 5 pg. By the way, now im not saying ed davis should start, but i reckon later on in the season, he might be our best option playing with ab


As I said during the game Jose and Bayless did great job on Westbrook, but Triano also had his hands in that. And he has gotten guys motivated and ready to play lately (outside some total dissapointments like ATL). His substitution patterns still make me wonder often, but I think he has been much better this season than previously. Maybe it has a lot to do with being able to generate the team style from the begining after Bosh left.

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