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Give it up. We’re investing too much emotion on a bad team. The fact of the matter is this roster is incapable of playing any defense. You can’t surround guys who can’t keep their man in front of them with no shotblocker and expect the defnse to get better. Until then it’s just gonna be a red carpet to the basket. You’re wasting your time watching a bad team.

I think it’s better that we be casual fans instead, until we actually have a team that has a decent roster.


That third quarter was some of the worst NBA basketball I’ve seen in a long time. There seems to be a real disconnect between the guards and forwards on both ends of the floor. No attempt to establish a low post. And how was there consistently a man open on the base line? So many problems made worse by the fact that they shot what had to be season low from the field. Brutal…


Look at the talent on Atlanta’s roster, now look at the raps, then look back at their roster, now look back at the raps..


But what’s most frustrating is there are lot of players on the team we are building around and they are just bad! I am ok with tanking one year, but with this team One year won’t help a lot!

Don Vito

Tanking never works out for any body. If you choose to lose then you are what you do, a loser. A loser will never be a winner under any circumstance. I’d take effort over a team trying to lose any day of the week. Against the Hawks there was no effort, so it was a disgrace. If the team put in some effort and hustle, I’d be satisfied with the loss.


This loss was very frustrating. Our offence was way out of sync. There was little ball sharing, too many turnovers and very little off-ball movement.

The biggest problem I had was when the bench were laughing their asses off on the bench in the fourth quarter while we were being blown away. They should feel damn-right ashamed of their effort, and instead they’re just laughing it off. It’s OK to have a positive attitude, but that scene was just unacceptable for a fan.


garbage. smoked by a much better team. why is it that we are incapable of acquiring any 2-way players?

in a game like that i have no idea why triano didn’t just run bayless, dd, sonny, amir and dorsey for a while. if they want to be the young gunz, why not see what they can do with an extended stretch of minutes?

oh well, one more loss for operation tank city.

Dark Knight

During the middle of the 3rd quarter, my frustration got the best of me as I decided to leave reality for a brief moment and bounce into the world of virtual gaming as I promptly beat down the Atlanta Hawks by 20 points in a good old Quick Game Match. Our fearless leader, the one we call “Bargnani”, showed J-Smoove who was boss as Andrea torched the Hawks “D” for 32 points, 11 boards, and 3 blocks. Oh, the beauty of NBA 2K11.


Watching the game yesterday. You can’t fault Bargnani for not scoring in the 3rd quarter. He wasn’t getting the ball. Ball goes to Barbosa and he puts on his blinders and either shoots a jumper or drives in. Bargnani doesn’t get the touches he needs, he gets frustrated and when he gets the ball ends up forcing his shots. The biggest problem the Raps have right now is in the PG position. Calderon is not the right PG for this team. His style of play is suited for halfcourt sets. Bayless still needs to learn the raps playbook but if we can get someone to back him up, I’m all for allowing him to run the team.

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