rubik’s boob

The puzzle isn’t really any closer to being solved. One night they play 8 guys due to a few injuries and do well. Not long after they play all 12 guys and stink. Then the deck chairs get rearranged once more with a trade taking three guys out of the rotation again, and with 8 guys they get their most satisfying win to date. A shortened rotation looks to be a good way to go, but Triano has yet to make the decision to go that route. It’s only been something forced upon him by circumstance thus far. And now we have to wait and see where Bayless will fit in, while Peja has been discussed as the missing three-point shooter they need, a trade chip, and a guy they just try to buy out. Davis will hopefully find an active role on the team soon. And what about Julian Wright? The rotation from game to game could get more complicated than ever.

They’ve won three in a row, which in it’s own right is puzzling, and now the GM isn’t in a hurry to win many more, selling the idea of flexible finances above all. Maybe Bayless fits, and maybe he ends up being another in a long line of mediocre players that fail to reach any potential here. There’s nothing terribly wrong with giving him a whirl, but it might have been a trade done out of necessity to some degree, in light of some of the looks that Jack shot at Bargnani in the week leading up to the trade, and the way he got benched and then disagreed openly with the coach about his own performance in Washington, by saying that there wasn’t much he could do while on the bench, but that he was trying to do what he could to direct the help defense from there all the same (a bit of a veiled shot at the Mago perhaps). He was all smiles upon leaving, which seems to be the norm for this franchise. What the fuck are ya gonna do?

Will Peja be next to wear a big smile while heading out of town? The big appeal to any trading partner (aside from the BS trotted out regarding how a contender could be interested in obtaining one of the league’s bets 3-point shooters, because they will not be able to supply a time machine to complete such a deal) is going to be his expiring contract. But what can that bring back? Marcus Banks has a lesser expiring contract, and he allowed Colangelo to acquire Peja’s bigger expiring contract. So now I guess he uses Peja’s crazy deal to bring an even bigger expiring contract this way. We can keep getting more and more of nothing until we resemble any number of teams from last season, but this time there is no Lebron, nor any number of possible boobie prizes. So with any luck we can somehow engineer an acquiring of some draft picks and go from there. And to go along with that plan, they are going to have to stop with these three-game winning streaks already. I mean what is that? Have these guys been reading that word cloud set in jiggling block letters that gets used as a backdrop to all the produced player interviews. DETERMINATION. ENERGY. EVOLVE. AGGRESSION. CHARISMA.

CHARISMA? Like I say – it’s a puzzle. And what is that Roger’s Ultimate View supposed to be? Other than a few quick shots of game action as viewed through a compound eye of some insect, framed of course by that damn blocky word cloud. I just can’t understand what makes it ultimate. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe this whole season is just going right over my head. Maybe I can no longer comprehend anything other than pick and roll or iso sets for Bosh. Maybe this team that supposedly demonstrates the appeal of ball movement on a regular basis, and yet struggles to get more than 20 assists in a game, is just too sublime. They have managed to get to the freethrow line a whole lot, which is some ball movement that I can’t complain about. My biggest question to this point, is whether they can make that extra pass once teams stop fouling, and the refs blow the whistle a little less, as is the norm as any season progresses. There have been some positive signs, and personally I think a decision to shorten up the rotation could allow for some good trends to be expanded upon as far as passing is concerned. If these guys can capitalize on knowing each other and knowing how to get the job done together, as a tight group of 8, then they could have some very good stretches. But then there goes a high pick, not to mention it would require Triano to fulfill his job description as a head coach, and he just might not be ready to do more than be a great basketball mind yet at this point. I guess they could save that for next season.

For now I suppose, on all fronts, we are going to be offered a look at one completed side of a rubik’s cube. And of course that is not going offer any hint as to how far away they are from completing the puzzle. That’ll be left for next year.

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