Claw Marks: from horsebleep to holybleep

Are the Raptors on an upswing, or are the Celtics showing signs of aging already? Or is that early start time on Sundays just that good of an advantage? And how much of a gap is there from the elite teams in the east to the bottom? That last game raised a lot of questions in my mind. And like with many others at RF, one of the most important was – who is the guy with the primo seats next to the scorer’s table? You know – the guy with the white beak? He clearly has special powers.


i didnt like the sprinkles of green in the crowd. how can you wear a celtics jersey in the acc


If there was one team I wanted to win this season it was the Celtics. This is awesome. And we even teased them letting them get so close

And AB was pretty good despite it being Celtics who have dominated our bigs for years. Reggie also grabbing everything he could (unfortunately no nuts involved this time). He does have those brain farts when he causes a TO by trying to take it away from another Raptor, but 16 rebs against Celtics is admirable.

And welcome back Barbosa. He did enough and also had some assists, but I still think he is a horrible option for back-up PG. He dribbles and looks for his own shot too much at times.


Amir was very consistent all game long and played big, as one of the few guys that really put out on both ends. I loved his game today. And he got the points in the clutch.


Wonder how Bill Simmons will think about Amir’s game after slagging Colangelo for the deal for the past two months. 17 point (on 5 FG attempts) and 11 rebounds ain’t bad. His defense was also very good and he made the Celtics front line look, shall we say, “old”? The Raptors were actually “tough” inside on defense today…. it’s been a long time since a front line like the Celtics’ has been on their collective butts as many times as they were today playing a Raptors’ team.

What is clear about Amir is that he works on his game, and with good coaching I think he will be an improving presence on both offence and defense.


I’m not much for the +/- stat but the Boston starters were all positive. Only Toronto starter positive was Bargnani. But the Raptor bench destroyed the Celtics bench. Huge difference in the +/-. Amir played the best and obviously Barbosa had some big plays. Kleiza only took two shots but his defense on Pierce was decent.

Worst player today was Derozan. He’s 21… it is what it is. No one in particular blew it for Boston. I’d say Nate Robinson played the best. Torched Calderon in the first half. Calderon has some nice moments finishing with 11 pts on 4-10 shooting but dished out only 2 assists. He also had those 3 consecutive turnovers in the 3rd quarter.

As critical I am about Calderon ($9,000,000 salary bugs me) he’s a better PG than Barbosa who should play SG. Things need to be worked out between Derozan/Weems/Kleiza. Anyone following Kleiza’s career knows that he will never be productive when he plays less than ~30 minutes. Can’t knock Weems whose been playing great. Derozan is hugely inconsistent but the organization wont sit him because of his “potential”.

Good win but there will be rotation issues. I really think its time to start Amir over Evans. Reggie’s decent but he steals too many rebounds from his teammates and offensively he’s a liability. He scored 9 pts today and this is the best offensive game I’ve seen from him ever.


beating Orlando and Boston and losing to the Bobcats and Wiz
this is one fcuked up world we’re living in

Don Vito

The team plays better with a tighter rotation, and plays like shit when everyone gets minutes.

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