Claw Marks: yin yang

Back to back road games. One night the whole world is coming down on il Mago, the next night there are still enough people tempted to see if he’ll ever be a true baller. It’s like your yin and your yang.


Please Lord… let Bargs be traded.

I can’t stand watching him “play” for us any longer.

My hate for him is starting to reach Hedo/VC like proportions.

Watching Hilton Armstrong scream and dunk over us made me want to break something.


Bargs. He’s maturing. He has talent. Maybe it’s time for the management to give him the GREEN LIGHTS to ask for the ball.


It’s amazing the excuses made for this guy. I’m tired of hearing how he’s had a bad game, we need to be patient, he’s a big and they take time to developpe. Fuck that, this guy simply has no heart and no desire to excell. I’ve never seen a more lazy player, or one that appears so dazed and confused as often as he does. I’m tired of seeing his dumbfounded look with his mouth agaped. He needs to go, we’ll never win anything with him here.


decent (although sloppy) win. Bargs should be given the opportunity to carry this team offensively every single game, I am down for giving him as many touches as is possible. Not only does it help us win when he scores big, but if we want to increase his trade value wouldn’t hurt to have him put up 30 on the regular. Also might help his confidence too.


Bargnani will consistently play like this against the good teams. The only time he plays good is against the bad teams and even that doesn’t happen all the time. Don’t expect to be winning anything with the worst all time defensive centre in your starting lineup.


I liked Bargnani’s shot selection and efficiency. He got most of his points in the flow of the game. I don’t like Bargs shooting more than about 20 shots in a game – the offense becomes really stagnant and they don’t make the defense work when that happens.

I’m really enjoying Sonny’s break out season. When Kleiza’s ready for lots of minutes I think we might see Sonny starting at SG (sorry DeMar!). Sonny’s poise is really good, he looks calm and confident out there. He has also been very consistent when given minutes.

The defense was decent. Philly doesn’t really have a lot of guys who can shoot 3s reliably, so the Raptors’ collapsing defense worked really well against them. I would think that we can count on getting wins against Philly pretty much every game this season by using this tactic. Next game against Houston will be entirely different. They have a number of really good shooters.

I did notice that the Raptors collapsed a little too much, but got away with it because of Philly’s poor shooting. I saw on a number of occasions two weak side defenders needlessly collapse on drives, leaving the perimeter completely unguarded. Hopefully they won’t be as aggressive collapsing on D next game or Houston will bury us with 3s.

It was a nice road win and a good turnaround from yesterday’s disappointing loss.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

hmmm…where did all the AB bashers go ?

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