Claw Marks: insert joke about taking talents to SB


Impressed with Wright and Dorsey, Wright should have be on James late in the forth.

Bargs for me is the weakest link on D + when not scoring, he is killin’ the momentum!


It was a really solid game. I don’t think you can really come out and complain about it.

I’m still really, really impressed by DeRozan.

Oh and Dorsey needs to get more burn. He’s a rebounding machine and he doesn’t hurt you on offense as much as Reggie can.


we weren’t expected to win, so im not sad…
im actually happy seeing Bosh sulking on the pine!


Saw some great stuff tonight. Particularly from the Young Onez, Wright, Dorsey and Jose. Possibly working towards carving out a blue collar identity. Say what you will about Triano, but he’s had these guys playing hard night in night out.


Triano really brought these guys full out and ready to play on this road trip…

He deserves props…

We had Barbosa, Reggie, Klieza out … 2 regular starters (on our team) and our 6th man..

and we took it to them and lost by 9 on the road after a back to back which was played hard too..

Great road trip so far IMO.


There are different ways to tank or overachieve. I don’t want to make the playoffs and overachieve due to giving extra minutes to players who are vets (Jose, Barbossa..etc..) at the expense of developing the young core who are the future of the team. If we overachieve because the young onez play hard and scrap their way to unlikely wins, that’s good because it probably excelerates their development.

But no matter how I sugar coat things, at the end of the day, this team is not a legit 40+ win team. They might be next year, but they are not this year. They still need more respect from refs, which comes with consistent play, and they still need more talent at the PG spot. A high lotto pick could be the key to obtaining that PG, or it might provide another asset which enables a move to obtain the PG.


The issue with tanking is that you’re not guaranteed anything. Okay gamble on a high lottery pick and hope he is not a bust. The Clippers seemingly had a lottery pick for an entire decade and they continue to be horrible. So tanking for a lottery pick = very risky.

Developing players sounds like a great idea but players make true leaps during the off season. Putting guys on the floor for the sake of learning something is vastly overrated. Yes it develops some basketball IQ, especially in end of game situations, but true growth happens after the season.

There’s also a cost to tanking. In addition to being the league’s laughing stock, the real risk is financial loss. Maybe Toronto’s market is decent, but organizations generally make more money when the team wins. MLE may be well off, but a few extra dollars may help for salaries and potentially going over the luxury cap. Aside financials, many free agents will want to avoid a losing franchise. It would be tough to get a big-name into town. There’s an opportunity cost to everything and with tanking it seems invisible but is real.


See, this is the thing. Like MLSE, you seem to take the short term into account. I get that. People care about quarterlies. But if you REALLY want to make some extra dough in Toronto, just put out a team that plays hard. The young guys playing hard is the way to tank the right way. They will lose some games just by being young.

More importantly, at least to me, I want to go DEEP in the playoffs. Yes, I’m sure MLSE gets a boner at the thought of getting 2 or 3 playoff games, but sometimes I wonder if they realize the potential financial gain from building a team that goes 2 or 3 ROUNDS into the playoffs. A short term loss can sometimes equal a longterm gain.

In the end, difference of perspective. We can overachieve the wrong way and maybe squeek into the playoffs and be a “one and done” team that makes MLSE some extra millions, while falling out of the lottery. Or if we overachieve the right way, while still losing 50-55 games, maybe the Raps get a high lotto pick who makes the team MORE competitive in the long term AND helps the longterm financial gain for MLSE.

Whatevs. Viva Entertankment! Set a record for 2 point losses but occasionally beat an elite team to keep morale and confidence up!

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