Claw Marks: from bad to worst

It’s starting to get a little difficult. I’ve taken to watching games while flagellating myself. Another option is to check in on the forum, which means a bunch of guys flagellating each other at this point. Man that sounds dirty.


i’m just happy this roster of scrubs isn’t over achieving.


Il Mago with some late game magic. “Watch this ball disappear”.


We played very limited defense throughout the entire game. As Jeffb said, we allowed 101 points to the worst offensive team in the league. If this was Orlando or Miami, we probably get torched for 130 points.

The only 2 positive spots were Julian Wright and Sonny Weems. I thought Wright provided good energy with his hustle plays off the bench. With out Weems, I don’t think this would have even been a close ball game.


Well I got a belated birthday present from a good buddy of mine…. so I got to see the game from right behind the CHA bench!

Which meant that I got the wind taken out of my sails up close when Bargs turned that over…

All-in-all though there were some things that I liked….

1) Bargs actually rebounded the damn ball which was nice to see.

2) Julian Wright. Really like this kid. The injury to Barbosa could be a blessing in disguise if he’s going to play like this for us all the time. Played with poise and took smart shots.

3) Sonny. Finally seems to be getting back to where he was last season. No more dumb shots…. just playing aggressively on both ends. Good to see.

4) Amir. Nice game from him. He seems to be rounding into form too.

The way I see it there’s no need to jump off buildings because we’re 1-7…. CHA may have a bad record but they still have 2 all-stars who can carry them when the need arises… and that’s pretty much what happened. Wallace had a whale of a game and Jackson hit some big shots down the stretch…. we just don’t have any players like that on our roster.

Just happy to see the guys competing this season.


So I actually watched the game yesterday since it wasn’t on SN1 and what a waste of my time.

I’m not looking at it positively at all. That game shouldn’t have been as close as it was. How many layups did they miss? How many free throws? If we were up against a better opponent we’re blown out.

Jack pisses me off the more I watch him play. How many times does he have to look off his own teammates? I’ve yet to really see him get his teammates involved. He’s looking to get his offence going first and then everyone else. Drives me crazy.

DeRozan got beat today. Some of the fouls he gave up were lazy. He’s not good enough to give up lazy fouls.

Sonny had a good game, but again he showed why he’s a dumb player. That 3 he took in the 4th, he’s lucky he got fouled. Why would he take that jumper? I know he’s having a good night but that isn’t your shot. Step in.

Bargnani is a waste of everything. Not even on that last play but my god man, fight for the fucking ball once in a while. I was watching the Jazz game as well, and one play really stood out for me watching that game. Orlando took a bad shot in the 4th, it was a long rebound, Millsap was near the foul line and the rebound was heading baseline. He chased the rebound down to start the fast break which then led to a score. I asked myself, if Bargnani was there, would he do the same thing? No. And that’s the moment that on this team, Bargnani is one thing and one thing only. A guy who can score occasionally. He’s a stat guy. Not a basketball guy.

How many times do I have to watch him stand by the arc. He’s screaming for the ball on fast breaks CONSTANTLY while running. Why? So he can take a quick shot and then not rebound. Fuck that. He’s single handedly not making me want to watch this team.

Now, I did like the defense that Wright and Weems played today. Wright when he’s under control is really nice guy to have and maybe when this team has some direction he could be that key player off the bench. And Weems, when he gets low can shut down a lot of guys. His footwork is impressive too.

But on the whole, not much from this game impressed me.

On to the slaughter in Orlando.

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