Claw Marks: out west no mas

They are coming home. The west has not been kind, and the late-night viewings have not been all that healthy for some of the forum folk.


All momentum Toronto had was killed when Bargnani came on the court in the fourth and wasn’t ready to score the basketball.


This is consistently going to be the standard the?Raptors?will play every road game. We can beat the crap pile but we’ll get our asses handed to us by the good teams. The treadmill.


We need all 14 lottery picks.


the only positive thing i can take from tonight was jose’s play. i’m seeing glimpses of the old jose. maybe the fact that we’re playing a back to back is also a factor, but I have yet to see?Bargnani?be consistent in one full game….


bargnani missed four straight shots when he came in the fourth and we were on a run courtesy of jose and julian wright. we need a guy who can score at end of games, not scared to take over and is actually efficient (not like barbosa, just melting the clock with the ball in his hands)



That’s the best way to put it.. Demar really shit the bed tonight.


I’m starting to get frustrated with all of these turnovers. Kleiza needs to watch his step, because he’s been called travelling for numerous times over these games. Barbosa needs to watch where he’s passing the ball. Amir and Andrea need to be aware when they’re gonna pick up an offensive foul. We’re wasting all of our offensive rebounds, by giving away possessions on turnovers.


On a second night of a back to back we looked good at time, but you could tell that some players just couldn’t handle it. Demar look uncomfortable, while Jack seemed very out of control. To me this was our worst game of the season. We have to learn to stop playing from behind and keep the games remotely close. We have more fight when we are behind then when the game is close, maybe that’s why we always have a lot game come back.

Reggie Evans is a man among men, if someone figures this guy out by the end of the season I will be astonished. If DD is going to take the next step, he’s going to have to bring it every night. (Picked him up on my fantasy team, disappointment so far but I’m not giving up hope.) Kleiza has been shitting bricks lately, I wish this guy would play like he did this summer and stop trying to prove something.


did any of you ever play sports or hoops? Did you ever play on team that you knew was not good enough talent wise? The Raps gave good efforts both in LA and Portland. They looked tired in the 4th quarter… when you have to come from behind and watch the better team sprint ahead in the final quarter, it is demoralizing…

good efforts from the core Jose, Reggie and even Amir…

DeMAr and?Bargs?had bad nights…for?Bargs?the usual disappearing act in 4th quarter. If you are going to foul someone make sure he doesn’t go to the line for three and grab some f@$%%@ rebounds … maybe the home AC will see him play for a full game… 20 wins looks like a long shot…

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