Claw Marks: no cigar

There are some rumblings and grumblings in the forum about the coach and whether or not it is fair to be overly critical of the coach at this point. Other than that there were actually some folks looking at what happened on the court without needing to shoot the man with the clipboard.

Dark Knight

Entertaining game. I’ll give them that.

The duo of Reggie and Amir was huge on the glass for us.

Oh, and Barbs is a little too trigger happy. Triano needs to explain to him that although he is a valued part of the team, he shouldn’t be going 1 on 1 while there is still a significant amount of time left on the shot clock. You can’t win it by yourself, man.


raptors actually don’t look that bad
they out rebounded the lakers by allot, wow

they basically beat themselves
barbosa needs to relax on the court, I am glad that I wasn’t the only one to notice this, he is kind of a ball hog, is very fast, but has very low ball IQ, you can just see when he is going to turn over the ball, he is out of control

amir played good, julian wright played nice,?Calderon?looked good, derozan showed some nice creativity out there with his penetrations, but needs to work on his jumpers.

turnovers is what killed the raps tonight, but i like how they playing, hopefully they can keep up the effort


Too many turnovers. Too few FT attempts. I would have liked to have seen Bargs get the ball closer to the paint more.; he took too many outside shots tonight.


Loving Demar this season so far, minus a few ugly shots. But i love how aggressive he’s being and showing no hesitation.


Demar showed his potential. He just keeps getting better and better. With more experience and confidence, and with a bit of luck I think he might be our top player.

Also, Amir deserved his paycheque for the first time this season. He outshined Reggie on the boards!

Reggie + Amir = 29 Rebs (the entire Lakers team had 31 rebs)


I’d like it if the ACC adopted the ‘court lighting’ Staples uses. I think MSG does the same thing. I remember attending wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens back in the 80’s and they used it and it was awesome – a totally different feel.


MSG started [the lighting effect]

maybe MLG had bad lighting and it was unintentional

I think ACC fans would complain that they cant see their blackberry keypad


There seemed to be two Barbosa’s in that game. The good Leandro was hitting shots off of some fast-paced play, and a whole lot of early offense. Y’know – the kind of stuff we’ve seen from him his whole career. The bad Leandro was dribbling a lot and looking to create in a halfcourt offense. I can’t say I remember him ever being all that successful in those situations. The Raptors have looked really nice when they can get the tempo geared up, but they simply cannot sustain it, and then anything but a much slower pace exposes them with turnovers and defensive weaknesses.

My question – why can’t they sustain it? Why can’t we see four quarters that look like the 2nd quarter last night, or the 1st quarter against Sacramento? Or even the 3rd quarter against Utah?


As a team, you can not let Barbosa make decisions. If they see Barbosa catch a pass open, and then put up his hand like he’s slowing it down, that’s when a Raptor needs to sprint to Barbosa and wrestle the ball out of his hands, because in reality, a raised hand from Barbosa signals “get out of the way, I’m the Barbosa and I’m going to bust my man up one on one.”

His confidence needs to be harnessed like a wild beast, far to powerful to let run wild on the court alone without constant direction.

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