Claw Marks: another late serving of wtf

Triano served up his own salty language by the salty lake after the game. Delicious. But it’s only going to further corrupt our youth as you’ll see from some of the kids in the forum.


Seriously, not one player had more then 32 minutes other then Bargnani. When you get to within 1pt late in the third don’t sit your hottest players for the next 5 minutes.
Look at Utah, D-Will(41min), Millsap (38min), Jefferson(40min) and it was a blowout for 3 quarters.

Is Jay afraid of giving these players burn. He manages minutes like a squirel storing nuts for the winter. Wayyyy too regimented on his minutes. We lost the game tonight in the first 5 minutes of the 4th when Triano had Weems, Andersen, Calderon, Amir on the floor. He’s gotta smell blood and go for it with his best, hottest players and ride them when you get the chance to steal a road game.

Triano’s post game interview :

-He seriously just said “what the fuck are you gonna do”

Fire this guy, pleeeeeaaase. What an embarrassment.

Gotta love live television. lol


little kids use the word fuck like it’s nothing these days

I mean who gives a fuck if that bald fuck said fuck after losing this fucking game?


In fairness to Jay, he does know how to run offensive schemes. This team gets to the line and runs some decent plays, given the talent level and age of the talent.

Having said that, Jay is the man for “operation get a high lotto pick”. It’s cool, guys. During the past two games we’ve seen what an awesome point guard can do for a team. If we’re lucky, next summer we’ll have the priviledge of drafting a PG who has the potential to be a D-Will or Tyreke type of impact player. The Raps need an awesome PG. DD deserves to play with one. I want one, and I think you should, too.

Let’s here it for operation “get a high lotto pick”!


So many impatient dudes here. Did anyone really think we were going to be this amazing jugernaut of a team? This is a transitional year of discovering what we have, who we are, guys learning and embracing expanding roles…

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