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claw marks: broken


Give it up. We’re investing too much emotion on a bad team. The fact of the matter is this roster is incapable of playing any defense. You can’t surround guys who can’t keep their man in front of them with no shotblocker and expect the defnse to get better. Until then it’s just gonna be a red carpet to the basket. You’re wasting your time watching a bad team.

I think it’s better that we be casual fans instead, until we actually have a team that has a decent roster.


That third quarter was some of the worst NBA basketball I’ve seen in a long time. There seems to be a real disconnect between the guards and forwards on both ends of the floor. No attempt to establish a low post. And how was there consistently a man open on the base line? So many problems made worse by the fact that they shot what had to be season low from the field. Brutal…


Look at the talent on Atlanta’s roster, now look at the raps, then look back at their roster, now look back at the raps..


But what’s most frustrating is there are lot of players on the team we are building around and they are just bad! I am ok with tanking one year, but with this team One year won’t help a lot!

Don Vito

Tanking never works out for any body. If you choose to lose then you are what you do, a loser. A loser will never be a winner under any circumstance. I’d take effort over a team trying to lose any day of the week. Against the Hawks there was no effort, so it was a disgrace. If the team put in some effort and hustle, I’d be satisfied with the loss.


This loss was very frustrating. Our offence was way out of sync. There was little ball sharing, too many turnovers and very little off-ball movement.

The biggest problem I had was when the bench were laughing their asses off on the bench in the fourth quarter while we were being blown away. They should feel damn-right ashamed of their effort, and instead they’re just laughing it off. It’s OK to have a positive attitude, but that scene was just unacceptable for a fan.


garbage. smoked by a much better team. why is it that we are incapable of acquiring any 2-way players?

in a game like that i have no idea why triano didn’t just run bayless, dd, sonny, amir and dorsey for a while. if they want to be the young gunz, why not see what they can do with an extended stretch of minutes?

oh well, one more loss for operation tank city.

Dark Knight

During the middle of the 3rd quarter, my frustration got the best of me as I decided to leave reality for a brief moment and bounce into the world of virtual gaming as I promptly beat down the Atlanta Hawks by 20 points in a good old Quick Game Match. Our fearless leader, the one we call “Bargnani”, showed J-Smoove who was boss as Andrea torched the Hawks “D” for 32 points, 11 boards, and 3 blocks. Oh, the beauty of NBA 2K11.


Watching the game yesterday. You can’t fault Bargnani for not scoring in the 3rd quarter. He wasn’t getting the ball. Ball goes to Barbosa and he puts on his blinders and either shoots a jumper or drives in. Bargnani doesn’t get the touches he needs, he gets frustrated and when he gets the ball ends up forcing his shots. The biggest problem the Raps have right now is in the PG position. Calderon is not the right PG for this team. His style of play is suited for halfcourt sets. Bayless still needs to learn the raps playbook but if we can get someone to back him up, I’m all for allowing him to run the team.

rubik’s boob

The puzzle isn’t really any closer to being solved. One night they play 8 guys due to a few injuries and do well. Not long after they play all 12 guys and stink. Then the deck chairs get rearranged once more with a trade taking three guys out of the rotation again, and with 8 guys they get their most satisfying win to date. A shortened rotation looks to be a good way to go, but Triano has yet to make the decision to go that route. It’s only been something forced upon him by circumstance thus far. And now we have to wait and see where Bayless will fit in, while Peja has been discussed as the missing three-point shooter they need, a trade chip, and a guy they just try to buy out. Davis will hopefully find an active role on the team soon. And what about Julian Wright? The rotation from game to game could get more complicated than ever.

They’ve won three in a row, which in it’s own right is puzzling, and now the GM isn’t in a hurry to win many more, selling the idea of flexible finances above all. Maybe Bayless fits, and maybe he ends up being another in a long line of mediocre players that fail to reach any potential here. There’s nothing terribly wrong with giving him a whirl, but it might have been a trade done out of necessity to some degree, in light of some of the looks that Jack shot at Bargnani in the week leading up to the trade, and the way he got benched and then disagreed openly with the coach about his own performance in Washington, by saying that there wasn’t much he could do while on the bench, but that he was trying to do what he could to direct the help defense from there all the same (a bit of a veiled shot at the Mago perhaps). He was all smiles upon leaving, which seems to be the norm for this franchise. What the fuck are ya gonna do?

Will Peja be next to wear a big smile while heading out of town? The big appeal to any trading partner (aside from the BS trotted out regarding how a contender could be interested in obtaining one of the league’s bets 3-point shooters, because they will not be able to supply a time machine to complete such a deal) is going to be his expiring contract. But what can that bring back? Marcus Banks has a lesser expiring contract, and he allowed Colangelo to acquire Peja’s bigger expiring contract. So now I guess he uses Peja’s crazy deal to bring an even bigger expiring contract this way. We can keep getting more and more of nothing until we resemble any number of teams from last season, but this time there is no Lebron, nor any number of possible boobie prizes. So with any luck we can somehow engineer an acquiring of some draft picks and go from there. And to go along with that plan, they are going to have to stop with these three-game winning streaks already. I mean what is that? Have these guys been reading that word cloud set in jiggling block letters that gets used as a backdrop to all the produced player interviews. DETERMINATION. ENERGY. EVOLVE. AGGRESSION. CHARISMA.

CHARISMA? Like I say – it’s a puzzle. And what is that Roger’s Ultimate View supposed to be? Other than a few quick shots of game action as viewed through a compound eye of some insect, framed of course by that damn blocky word cloud. I just can’t understand what makes it ultimate. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe this whole season is just going right over my head. Maybe I can no longer comprehend anything other than pick and roll or iso sets for Bosh. Maybe this team that supposedly demonstrates the appeal of ball movement on a regular basis, and yet struggles to get more than 20 assists in a game, is just too sublime. They have managed to get to the freethrow line a whole lot, which is some ball movement that I can’t complain about. My biggest question to this point, is whether they can make that extra pass once teams stop fouling, and the refs blow the whistle a little less, as is the norm as any season progresses. There have been some positive signs, and personally I think a decision to shorten up the rotation could allow for some good trends to be expanded upon as far as passing is concerned. If these guys can capitalize on knowing each other and knowing how to get the job done together, as a tight group of 8, then they could have some very good stretches. But then there goes a high pick, not to mention it would require Triano to fulfill his job description as a head coach, and he just might not be ready to do more than be a great basketball mind yet at this point. I guess they could save that for next season.

For now I suppose, on all fronts, we are going to be offered a look at one completed side of a rubik’s cube. And of course that is not going offer any hint as to how far away they are from completing the puzzle. That’ll be left for next year.

Claw Marks: from horsebleep to holybleep

Are the Raptors on an upswing, or are the Celtics showing signs of aging already? Or is that early start time on Sundays just that good of an advantage? And how much of a gap is there from the elite teams in the east to the bottom? That last game raised a lot of questions in my mind. And like with many others at RF, one of the most important was – who is the guy with the primo seats next to the scorer’s table? You know – the guy with the white beak? He clearly has special powers.


i didnt like the sprinkles of green in the crowd. how can you wear a celtics jersey in the acc


If there was one team I wanted to win this season it was the Celtics. This is awesome. And we even teased them letting them get so close

And AB was pretty good despite it being Celtics who have dominated our bigs for years. Reggie also grabbing everything he could (unfortunately no nuts involved this time). He does have those brain farts when he causes a TO by trying to take it away from another Raptor, but 16 rebs against Celtics is admirable.

And welcome back Barbosa. He did enough and also had some assists, but I still think he is a horrible option for back-up PG. He dribbles and looks for his own shot too much at times.


Amir was very consistent all game long and played big, as one of the few guys that really put out on both ends. I loved his game today. And he got the points in the clutch.


Wonder how Bill Simmons will think about Amir’s game after slagging Colangelo for the deal for the past two months. 17 point (on 5 FG attempts) and 11 rebounds ain’t bad. His defense was also very good and he made the Celtics front line look, shall we say, “old”? The Raptors were actually “tough” inside on defense today…. it’s been a long time since a front line like the Celtics’ has been on their collective butts as many times as they were today playing a Raptors’ team.

What is clear about Amir is that he works on his game, and with good coaching I think he will be an improving presence on both offence and defense.


I’m not much for the +/- stat but the Boston starters were all positive. Only Toronto starter positive was Bargnani. But the Raptor bench destroyed the Celtics bench. Huge difference in the +/-. Amir played the best and obviously Barbosa had some big plays. Kleiza only took two shots but his defense on Pierce was decent.

Worst player today was Derozan. He’s 21… it is what it is. No one in particular blew it for Boston. I’d say Nate Robinson played the best. Torched Calderon in the first half. Calderon has some nice moments finishing with 11 pts on 4-10 shooting but dished out only 2 assists. He also had those 3 consecutive turnovers in the 3rd quarter.

As critical I am about Calderon ($9,000,000 salary bugs me) he’s a better PG than Barbosa who should play SG. Things need to be worked out between Derozan/Weems/Kleiza. Anyone following Kleiza’s career knows that he will never be productive when he plays less than ~30 minutes. Can’t knock Weems whose been playing great. Derozan is hugely inconsistent but the organization wont sit him because of his “potential”.

Good win but there will be rotation issues. I really think its time to start Amir over Evans. Reggie’s decent but he steals too many rebounds from his teammates and offensively he’s a liability. He scored 9 pts today and this is the best offensive game I’ve seen from him ever.


beating Orlando and Boston and losing to the Bobcats and Wiz
this is one fcuked up world we’re living in

Don Vito

The team plays better with a tighter rotation, and plays like shit when everyone gets minutes.

Claw Marks: yin yang

Back to back road games. One night the whole world is coming down on il Mago, the next night there are still enough people tempted to see if he’ll ever be a true baller. It’s like your yin and your yang.


Please Lord… let Bargs be traded.

I can’t stand watching him “play” for us any longer.

My hate for him is starting to reach Hedo/VC like proportions.

Watching Hilton Armstrong scream and dunk over us made me want to break something.


Bargs. He’s maturing. He has talent. Maybe it’s time for the management to give him the GREEN LIGHTS to ask for the ball.


It’s amazing the excuses made for this guy. I’m tired of hearing how he’s had a bad game, we need to be patient, he’s a big and they take time to developpe. Fuck that, this guy simply has no heart and no desire to excell. I’ve never seen a more lazy player, or one that appears so dazed and confused as often as he does. I’m tired of seeing his dumbfounded look with his mouth agaped. He needs to go, we’ll never win anything with him here.


decent (although sloppy) win. Bargs should be given the opportunity to carry this team offensively every single game, I am down for giving him as many touches as is possible. Not only does it help us win when he scores big, but if we want to increase his trade value wouldn’t hurt to have him put up 30 on the regular. Also might help his confidence too.


Bargnani will consistently play like this against the good teams. The only time he plays good is against the bad teams and even that doesn’t happen all the time. Don’t expect to be winning anything with the worst all time defensive centre in your starting lineup.


I liked Bargnani’s shot selection and efficiency. He got most of his points in the flow of the game. I don’t like Bargs shooting more than about 20 shots in a game – the offense becomes really stagnant and they don’t make the defense work when that happens.

I’m really enjoying Sonny’s break out season. When Kleiza’s ready for lots of minutes I think we might see Sonny starting at SG (sorry DeMar!). Sonny’s poise is really good, he looks calm and confident out there. He has also been very consistent when given minutes.

The defense was decent. Philly doesn’t really have a lot of guys who can shoot 3s reliably, so the Raptors’ collapsing defense worked really well against them. I would think that we can count on getting wins against Philly pretty much every game this season by using this tactic. Next game against Houston will be entirely different. They have a number of really good shooters.

I did notice that the Raptors collapsed a little too much, but got away with it because of Philly’s poor shooting. I saw on a number of occasions two weak side defenders needlessly collapse on drives, leaving the perimeter completely unguarded. Hopefully they won’t be as aggressive collapsing on D next game or Houston will bury us with 3s.

It was a nice road win and a good turnaround from yesterday’s disappointing loss.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

hmmm…where did all the AB bashers go ?

Claw Marks: insert joke about taking talents to SB


Impressed with Wright and Dorsey, Wright should have be on James late in the forth.

Bargs for me is the weakest link on D + when not scoring, he is killin’ the momentum!


It was a really solid game. I don’t think you can really come out and complain about it.

I’m still really, really impressed by DeRozan.

Oh and Dorsey needs to get more burn. He’s a rebounding machine and he doesn’t hurt you on offense as much as Reggie can.


we weren’t expected to win, so im not sad…
im actually happy seeing Bosh sulking on the pine!


Saw some great stuff tonight. Particularly from the Young Onez, Wright, Dorsey and Jose. Possibly working towards carving out a blue collar identity. Say what you will about Triano, but he’s had these guys playing hard night in night out.


Triano really brought these guys full out and ready to play on this road trip…

He deserves props…

We had Barbosa, Reggie, Klieza out … 2 regular starters (on our team) and our 6th man..

and we took it to them and lost by 9 on the road after a back to back which was played hard too..

Great road trip so far IMO.


There are different ways to tank or overachieve. I don’t want to make the playoffs and overachieve due to giving extra minutes to players who are vets (Jose, Barbossa..etc..) at the expense of developing the young core who are the future of the team. If we overachieve because the young onez play hard and scrap their way to unlikely wins, that’s good because it probably excelerates their development.

But no matter how I sugar coat things, at the end of the day, this team is not a legit 40+ win team. They might be next year, but they are not this year. They still need more respect from refs, which comes with consistent play, and they still need more talent at the PG spot. A high lotto pick could be the key to obtaining that PG, or it might provide another asset which enables a move to obtain the PG.


The issue with tanking is that you’re not guaranteed anything. Okay gamble on a high lottery pick and hope he is not a bust. The Clippers seemingly had a lottery pick for an entire decade and they continue to be horrible. So tanking for a lottery pick = very risky.

Developing players sounds like a great idea but players make true leaps during the off season. Putting guys on the floor for the sake of learning something is vastly overrated. Yes it develops some basketball IQ, especially in end of game situations, but true growth happens after the season.

There’s also a cost to tanking. In addition to being the league’s laughing stock, the real risk is financial loss. Maybe Toronto’s market is decent, but organizations generally make more money when the team wins. MLE may be well off, but a few extra dollars may help for salaries and potentially going over the luxury cap. Aside financials, many free agents will want to avoid a losing franchise. It would be tough to get a big-name into town. There’s an opportunity cost to everything and with tanking it seems invisible but is real.


See, this is the thing. Like MLSE, you seem to take the short term into account. I get that. People care about quarterlies. But if you REALLY want to make some extra dough in Toronto, just put out a team that plays hard. The young guys playing hard is the way to tank the right way. They will lose some games just by being young.

More importantly, at least to me, I want to go DEEP in the playoffs. Yes, I’m sure MLSE gets a boner at the thought of getting 2 or 3 playoff games, but sometimes I wonder if they realize the potential financial gain from building a team that goes 2 or 3 ROUNDS into the playoffs. A short term loss can sometimes equal a longterm gain.

In the end, difference of perspective. We can overachieve the wrong way and maybe squeek into the playoffs and be a “one and done” team that makes MLSE some extra millions, while falling out of the lottery. Or if we overachieve the right way, while still losing 50-55 games, maybe the Raps get a high lotto pick who makes the team MORE competitive in the long term AND helps the longterm financial gain for MLSE.

Whatevs. Viva Entertankment! Set a record for 2 point losses but occasionally beat an elite team to keep morale and confidence up!

Claw Marks: from bad to worst

It’s starting to get a little difficult. I’ve taken to watching games while flagellating myself. Another option is to check in on the forum, which means a bunch of guys flagellating each other at this point. Man that sounds dirty.


i’m just happy this roster of scrubs isn’t over achieving.


Il Mago with some late game magic. “Watch this ball disappear”.


We played very limited defense throughout the entire game. As Jeffb said, we allowed 101 points to the worst offensive team in the league. If this was Orlando or Miami, we probably get torched for 130 points.

The only 2 positive spots were Julian Wright and Sonny Weems. I thought Wright provided good energy with his hustle plays off the bench. With out Weems, I don’t think this would have even been a close ball game.


Well I got a belated birthday present from a good buddy of mine…. so I got to see the game from right behind the CHA bench!

Which meant that I got the wind taken out of my sails up close when Bargs turned that over…

All-in-all though there were some things that I liked….

1) Bargs actually rebounded the damn ball which was nice to see.

2) Julian Wright. Really like this kid. The injury to Barbosa could be a blessing in disguise if he’s going to play like this for us all the time. Played with poise and took smart shots.

3) Sonny. Finally seems to be getting back to where he was last season. No more dumb shots…. just playing aggressively on both ends. Good to see.

4) Amir. Nice game from him. He seems to be rounding into form too.

The way I see it there’s no need to jump off buildings because we’re 1-7…. CHA may have a bad record but they still have 2 all-stars who can carry them when the need arises… and that’s pretty much what happened. Wallace had a whale of a game and Jackson hit some big shots down the stretch…. we just don’t have any players like that on our roster.

Just happy to see the guys competing this season.


So I actually watched the game yesterday since it wasn’t on SN1 and what a waste of my time.

I’m not looking at it positively at all. That game shouldn’t have been as close as it was. How many layups did they miss? How many free throws? If we were up against a better opponent we’re blown out.

Jack pisses me off the more I watch him play. How many times does he have to look off his own teammates? I’ve yet to really see him get his teammates involved. He’s looking to get his offence going first and then everyone else. Drives me crazy.

DeRozan got beat today. Some of the fouls he gave up were lazy. He’s not good enough to give up lazy fouls.

Sonny had a good game, but again he showed why he’s a dumb player. That 3 he took in the 4th, he’s lucky he got fouled. Why would he take that jumper? I know he’s having a good night but that isn’t your shot. Step in.

Bargnani is a waste of everything. Not even on that last play but my god man, fight for the fucking ball once in a while. I was watching the Jazz game as well, and one play really stood out for me watching that game. Orlando took a bad shot in the 4th, it was a long rebound, Millsap was near the foul line and the rebound was heading baseline. He chased the rebound down to start the fast break which then led to a score. I asked myself, if Bargnani was there, would he do the same thing? No. And that’s the moment that on this team, Bargnani is one thing and one thing only. A guy who can score occasionally. He’s a stat guy. Not a basketball guy.

How many times do I have to watch him stand by the arc. He’s screaming for the ball on fast breaks CONSTANTLY while running. Why? So he can take a quick shot and then not rebound. Fuck that. He’s single handedly not making me want to watch this team.

Now, I did like the defense that Wright and Weems played today. Wright when he’s under control is really nice guy to have and maybe when this team has some direction he could be that key player off the bench. And Weems, when he gets low can shut down a lot of guys. His footwork is impressive too.

But on the whole, not much from this game impressed me.

On to the slaughter in Orlando.

overachieving is so over

Colangelo came out and said it before the season began. They are going to need to overachieve if they want to get anywhere this season. And it’s not like overachieving can’t be done. Right? But it looks like we are seeing it not done right. So far anyways.

For starters they are not moving the ball all that much or all that well. We are seeing a lot of guys trying to fill the kind of star role that this team was not supposed to be about. Leandro Barbosa looked like a waterbug for long stretches the other night. I have to admit that I loved it, in the way that I find watching the randomness of waterbugs endlessly entertaining. I mean don’t stop for my sake Leandro. Zig, zag and then zag again. But I have to admit that it’s not going to lead to this team busting through any kind of perceived ceiling. We’ve seen Linas Kleiza making a lot of moves around the basket. They would be examples of the post moves that we heard about him developing while in Europe. And they seemed to work pretty well during the worlds this past summer. Until Lithuania played the good old USA. And then they simply did not work at all. And that has generally carried over to the various NBA talent the Raptors have faced thus far. I would really like to see him try to break down defenses a little more and make some nice passes in the paint, like he seemed capable of, even against team red,white and blue. Sonny, Demar, Amir – they all seem to be on islands and the water level is rising, but it’s not like they are doing anything to contribute to global warming.

And there’s my only real disappointment thus far. It’s not the losing. They can keep on losing, and maybe we’ll get a real game-changer in the draft. But in the meantime I want to see some sense of chemistry developing somewhere. Instead of chemistry we are seeing all kinds of energy with no unifying sense of direction. Ten, or eleven guys in the rotation taps into that energy, but it is not helping to provide any direction.

When I think about teams that over-achieved in the past, I think of Doc’s Magic team that hustled it’s way to a .500 record, and Hubie’s Grizzlies that won 50 games with two distinct lines of what he likes to call ath-AH-letic players. Bo Outlaw was on both squads. That dude could outwork anyone. He was able to fill a role similar to Reggie’s, but he wasn’t filling that role in part to make up for someone else’s deficiencies. And when Bo wasn’t in their providing that energy, Ben Wallace was. The rest of the Orlando team shared the ball and played together on both ends. Nobody tended to take more than 12 or 13 shots. They fed off of each other’s energy and took advantage of what was there – not what they might try to create for themselves. The Grizzlies had a young Pau, a young Battier, and Mike Miller. That team was not going to have a problem with a sense of direction. Again – the shots were distributed well, with Pau averaging around 13 attempts in 31 minutes of playing time to lead the way. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies were not happy by the end of the season, because splitting minutes so evenly did not work for some of the larger egos that perhaps never should have been given the chance to show off their ath-AH-leticism at all. Orlando would turn to big gunners like McGrady and Hill, with Hill getting sidelined and McGrady cranking up the shots and killing the chemistry of the rest of the team. In each case the overachieving amounted to very little in the big picture, even though they did it right. That would just make things look that much bleaker here. Could it be time to do something about that?

Let’s look at the Raptors. You’ve got Bargnani playing big minutes, and showing signs of improving in one single area (scoring) due to nothing more than all the extra shots he is being afforded. And then there is Reggie trying to make up for all the other areas Andrea has shown no improvement in. Throw in a real mish-mash of guys, all with good intentions and a drive to put in the required effort. It’s nice that the kind of energy level and fresh legs that allowed those other teams to benefit from using a deep rotation can be in play here – but there has been no chemistry that has been sustained for a long enough duration to get any real results from it. It was nice to see a bit of a shortening of the rotation as Triano went small in the second half against Golden State. There looked to be actual chemistry between Demar, Jarrett, Sonny, Linas and Amir, on both ends of the court. For a nice period of time there wasn’t as much forcing of shots. The floor appeared level rather than sloped upward. On some turnovers they could even score on breaks that looked like they were running downhill all the way. They stood a chance at getting something done, and in a sense they did get something done, and it was monumental for this bunch – they looked like a team through and through. And I will take that little bit of overachieving. I hope Triano will take it, and run with it as well.

A group like that, give or take a body here or there, is the place to start, in my eyes. Shorten the rotation for now for the sake of gaining a sense of direction. If that direction can eventually extend it’s way through a bigger rotation, then swell. I would hope that we could see Ed Davis benefit from that eventually, rather than being squeezed into an interminable parade of waterbugs, chuckers, and failed post-ups. Of course it would entail Triano making some hard decisions, something he is often allergic to. I have to hope that his actions in the second half of that last game could be a start towards accepting the need to continue along that route. Yesterday he was repeatedly talking about the need for the team to put together a concerted effort for an entire 48 minutes. I thought if I heard him say “48 minutes” one more time I might pop like a pizza pocket left in the microwave for…48 minutes. This group is not going to be able to define themselves on their own by simply running here and there and usually in ways that make it appear to be uphill. Triano is going to have to identify where the chemistry can really have an effect, take hold, and carry over to enough other guys to allow them to think of themselves as a team. Jay Triano – it is on you. It has been said elsewhere, that all this man really needs to do is get his players to play hard. But actually, there is the need to construct a team in some sense, and that doesn’t mean they need to be a winning team. They should be done with the idea of overachieving about now. Just achieve that sense that there is an actual team taking the court. They can’t go on playing on their own islands in sweet bliss – the water keeps rising.

Claw Marks: golden showers

Another stormy night. The forum is responding with more angst than previously. Aside from how we could obviously use players like Ellis and Curry, the golden boys, Bargnani and Colangelo, are starting to look a little tarnished to some. Brrrrr…I feel a cold wind blowing.


Yes, this is really looking like a bottom 3 team.

Barbosa’s injured, the aggressive defense they were putting in ain’t happening, their most important players have one dimensional games, they have no dribble penetration, they have little post presence, they can’t impose their will on anyone, they don’t get calls, the young guns are too young, teams have enough material now to scout and take away what they are doing right, teams know to come at Reggie because he must guard and therefor not rebound and their only win was against Cleveland, who had an incomplete lineup if I remember right.

Never mind what it looks like on paper. They give too much back to teams to be a good team. This could end up worse than anyone predicted.


Good game. We are just 75 losses away from Kyrie Irving.


Thank you Rodgers and Cogeco for another evening of a shitty link that freezes every 15 seconds.


As a proponent of the tank ideal, I’m pleased. A loss in close, entertaining fashion is all I can ask for. Yay-urns.


I’m totally finished with Bargnani. As a player, he’s a complete pile of shit. I don’t give a fuck if you’re 7 feet and you can hit step back threes. The one play I’m recalling is when Curry threw a sick and slick left-handed bullet pass to Lee. Reggie did just enough to bother the shot, so Lee missed the first attempt. Bargnani’s man hangs around the rim while there’s still a loose ball in the air, while Andrea chugs down the court, leaving his man to tip the ball back to Lee for an uncontested layup. Leaving Reggie all alone in the paint.

This guy is garbage. Pure unadulterated trash. I’ve defended him enough. That play was the last straw for me.


Doesn’t anyone else find it strange that we haven’t heard anything concrete about his situation given this is the last year of his contract? Could it be the MLSE are actually not convinced with him? I am certainly not.

For all this talk about not being able to bring in anyone better i don’t see where that’s coming from. I think people are mistaking his charisma for his actual success. He comes across as flashy, as well spoken, as a big name, but when you go beneith the surface Brian Colangelo has been a big failure.


I agree. I think he is very persuasive which may help him get some of the things that he wants, the problem is I don’t think he knows how to run a basketball team.

So he gets things he wants but they aren’t helping us.

Someone has to be responsible for the repeated failures of the club. The only constant over the past number of years has been Colangelo.

I don’t see how you can resign him right now. I’d like to see a strong argument for it based on his performance. It’s not even just about individual trades (he does win some of those), it is about overall strategy.

I just don’t see what his is.


lack of stability is the primary cause of the problems with this franchise. i want to see something properly built and constructed. that will take time. starting all over from scratch again and again is killing us. i’m fine with locking in to bc and triano for several more years and seeing what they could do with a real chance to build something cohesive. firing and trading everyone sure as hell hasn’t been working.

Claw Marks: out west no mas

They are coming home. The west has not been kind, and the late-night viewings have not been all that healthy for some of the forum folk.


All momentum Toronto had was killed when Bargnani came on the court in the fourth and wasn’t ready to score the basketball.


This is consistently going to be the standard the?Raptors?will play every road game. We can beat the crap pile but we’ll get our asses handed to us by the good teams. The treadmill.


We need all 14 lottery picks.


the only positive thing i can take from tonight was jose’s play. i’m seeing glimpses of the old jose. maybe the fact that we’re playing a back to back is also a factor, but I have yet to see?Bargnani?be consistent in one full game….


bargnani missed four straight shots when he came in the fourth and we were on a run courtesy of jose and julian wright. we need a guy who can score at end of games, not scared to take over and is actually efficient (not like barbosa, just melting the clock with the ball in his hands)



That’s the best way to put it.. Demar really shit the bed tonight.


I’m starting to get frustrated with all of these turnovers. Kleiza needs to watch his step, because he’s been called travelling for numerous times over these games. Barbosa needs to watch where he’s passing the ball. Amir and Andrea need to be aware when they’re gonna pick up an offensive foul. We’re wasting all of our offensive rebounds, by giving away possessions on turnovers.


On a second night of a back to back we looked good at time, but you could tell that some players just couldn’t handle it. Demar look uncomfortable, while Jack seemed very out of control. To me this was our worst game of the season. We have to learn to stop playing from behind and keep the games remotely close. We have more fight when we are behind then when the game is close, maybe that’s why we always have a lot game come back.

Reggie Evans is a man among men, if someone figures this guy out by the end of the season I will be astonished. If DD is going to take the next step, he’s going to have to bring it every night. (Picked him up on my fantasy team, disappointment so far but I’m not giving up hope.) Kleiza has been shitting bricks lately, I wish this guy would play like he did this summer and stop trying to prove something.


did any of you ever play sports or hoops? Did you ever play on team that you knew was not good enough talent wise? The Raps gave good efforts both in LA and Portland. They looked tired in the 4th quarter… when you have to come from behind and watch the better team sprint ahead in the final quarter, it is demoralizing…

good efforts from the core Jose, Reggie and even Amir…

DeMAr and?Bargs?had bad nights…for?Bargs?the usual disappearing act in 4th quarter. If you are going to foul someone make sure he doesn’t go to the line for three and grab some f@$%%@ rebounds … maybe the home AC will see him play for a full game… 20 wins looks like a long shot…

Claw Marks: no cigar

There are some rumblings and grumblings in the forum about the coach and whether or not it is fair to be overly critical of the coach at this point. Other than that there were actually some folks looking at what happened on the court without needing to shoot the man with the clipboard.

Dark Knight

Entertaining game. I’ll give them that.

The duo of Reggie and Amir was huge on the glass for us.

Oh, and Barbs is a little too trigger happy. Triano needs to explain to him that although he is a valued part of the team, he shouldn’t be going 1 on 1 while there is still a significant amount of time left on the shot clock. You can’t win it by yourself, man.


raptors actually don’t look that bad
they out rebounded the lakers by allot, wow

they basically beat themselves
barbosa needs to relax on the court, I am glad that I wasn’t the only one to notice this, he is kind of a ball hog, is very fast, but has very low ball IQ, you can just see when he is going to turn over the ball, he is out of control

amir played good, julian wright played nice,?Calderon?looked good, derozan showed some nice creativity out there with his penetrations, but needs to work on his jumpers.

turnovers is what killed the raps tonight, but i like how they playing, hopefully they can keep up the effort


Too many turnovers. Too few FT attempts. I would have liked to have seen Bargs get the ball closer to the paint more.; he took too many outside shots tonight.


Loving Demar this season so far, minus a few ugly shots. But i love how aggressive he’s being and showing no hesitation.


Demar showed his potential. He just keeps getting better and better. With more experience and confidence, and with a bit of luck I think he might be our top player.

Also, Amir deserved his paycheque for the first time this season. He outshined Reggie on the boards!

Reggie + Amir = 29 Rebs (the entire Lakers team had 31 rebs)


I’d like it if the ACC adopted the ‘court lighting’ Staples uses. I think MSG does the same thing. I remember attending wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens back in the 80’s and they used it and it was awesome – a totally different feel.


MSG started [the lighting effect]

maybe MLG had bad lighting and it was unintentional

I think ACC fans would complain that they cant see their blackberry keypad


There seemed to be two Barbosa’s in that game. The good Leandro was hitting shots off of some fast-paced play, and a whole lot of early offense. Y’know – the kind of stuff we’ve seen from him his whole career. The bad Leandro was dribbling a lot and looking to create in a halfcourt offense. I can’t say I remember him ever being all that successful in those situations. The Raptors have looked really nice when they can get the tempo geared up, but they simply cannot sustain it, and then anything but a much slower pace exposes them with turnovers and defensive weaknesses.

My question – why can’t they sustain it? Why can’t we see four quarters that look like the 2nd quarter last night, or the 1st quarter against Sacramento? Or even the 3rd quarter against Utah?


As a team, you can not let Barbosa make decisions. If they see Barbosa catch a pass open, and then put up his hand like he’s slowing it down, that’s when a Raptor needs to sprint to Barbosa and wrestle the ball out of his hands, because in reality, a raised hand from Barbosa signals “get out of the way, I’m the Barbosa and I’m going to bust my man up one on one.”

His confidence needs to be harnessed like a wild beast, far to powerful to let run wild on the court alone without constant direction.