Claw Marks: battle of the underwhelming

The RF Forum did not have too much to say about that game against Cleveland. There was some debate as to whether Kleiza or Bargnani had a better game. And whether it was right or wrong to not dribble out the clock, along with a few some thoughts on what appeared to be a good many empty seats. If we can find so little to disect for another 80 games we’re laughing.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

nice win against what was essentially a D-League squad tonight


Great game. And the player of the game is Reggie Evans, no questions about it. I loved this guy’s energy. While he didn’t score more points than Kleiza, Bargnani and Barbosa, he did a lot of things that led to the win.

1. Obviously his 14 rebounds. The offensive rebounds allowed many more points, since we did a good time today on scoring on second chances. By the way, funny going back to that poll of what happens first, the 14 rebounds occured on the first 2 games.
2. His defence. He frustrated Jameson, who did not get to shoot too many shots in the first half. He also completely neutralized JJ Hickson. Cleveland couldn’t recover when Evans got him into early foul trouble. Evans got several steals and knocked several balls away, leading to many fast-break opportunities.

And a final thought about Barbosa. I love this guy on the fast break. I think he can fit in well with the Young Onez on the break. With his natural speed and his experience on the Suns, I think he’s the best Raptor we had on the fast break since Shawn Marion.


WTF is wrong with Jose’s shot?
He’s 2-13 in the first two games. Is it just confidence?

RaptorsandBuckeye FaN

It has to be confidence you would think. That is usually what it is for most shooters. Jose just looks bad and hopefully he gets it right soon.


Damn I missed most parts of this game… saw Kleiza drop 13 pts in the 3rd quarter… seemed like he made that with the flow of the game and didn’t force things.

Is Kleiza one of the most efficient guys on the team? I mean Bargnani gets the ball every possession and barely scores more points? Maybe Kleiza should get it more in the post? Thats his strength as a SF.


It’s only been two games. It takes longer than that to figure out if something will work well or poorly over the course of season.

Last night Bargs shot 7 for 13 and scored 20 points. Kleiza shot 7 for 15 and scored 19. Bargs was actually more efficient last night, even if it is hard to believe. I think both guys need their touches. But given Bargnani’s tendency to lose focus when ignored, I really think it is important to establish him early. Based on what Raptor fans saw last year, when Bargnani scores some points early, he gets a little more energized.


That was the first and probably only live game of the season for me so i am very happy i got to witness a thrashing. Great game all around really from pretty much everyone. Kleiza was a force in that third, Bargnani was very effective too. I don’t really care about who was better or more efficient as they both played excellent and in the end i cheer for the team not the player. Barg’s defense in person was actually rather good, actually same could be said for Jose. While a couple times he got rather handily beat, i would say he did his job nicely for the bulk of his minutes. In general i thought he ran the team really well whereas Jack was a bit sloppy out there. No worries though it was one game and in no way do i want to change the starting lineup. Jose’s got to find his shot though. Guy is in a horrible shooting slump now. It was also good to see Amir have a nice game after a shit outing on Wednesday.


Reggie Evans = New face of the franchise?
Now before you start laughing your asses off think about it!….. Is there a player on this team who energizes the crowd and epitomizes this new “gritty, blue-collar” team more than Reggie?
Bargnani is a sham and shows about as much emotion as a shoe.

DD just isn’t ready.

And I’m not sure that Kleiza or Barbosa would fill that role either….

… but in a “hockey city” that has a long-standing love affair with maximum-effort players?

Reggie Evans may just be that perfect fit for us until we find our next stud.


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