RF forum digs in post-game: first blood


I’m going to blame the loss on the team’s inconsistent play in the first quarter. That was the only quarter we lost. I know we were outscored by 3 in the final quarter, but that doesn’t count in my books because of the intentional fouls to get New York to the line. Effort for 48 minutes. Didn’t happen last year, didn’t happen today. We’re in for a long season if this doesn’t change.

The other key moment was allowing Wilson Chandler to go off. What the hell was Triano thinking? He’s usually good at the tactical stuff, but if I were him, I’d sub Bargnani?in the game because Evans/Andersen can not go up against smaller players. At the very least they would have to switch Chandler back to the 3, and the rotations would be even again.

Dark Knight:

Ah you win some, you lose a lot.


Young Onez…
Please stop making youtube videos and hit the gym.


not liking a lot of things.

Not liking Barbosa’s chucking.
not liking lack of team play. lots of guys just trying to do it themselves instead of passing.
not liking shabby rebounding by guys not named Reggie Evans.
Not liking not enough floor time for Derozan.
REALLY not liking that contract to Amir.

Loving Reggie Evans though.

Mr. Mxyzptlk:

what i find most distressing about this loss is that both teams are basically bottom feeders in the East..yet the Raps still couldn’t put up a W on the board despite having home court on opening night

going to be a long fucking year to be a Raptors fan


On the plus side we forced Amare Stoudemire to have 9 turnovers.


Well I think we’ve won our first game of the season for I think 3-4 years in a row. And we still ended up being bad. So I’m not taking much out of the first game of the season. At least we don’t start getting false hope.


I felt Barbosa was left out there WAAAAAY too long. Why go small with an injured Barbosa when Kleiza is sitting on the bench?


I’m surprised at how bummed people are!

I thought that was a really exciting game, I loved every second of it.

This team gave you 100%, lots of positives. You guys are focussing on the negatives and man, of COURSE there are lots of those. Have you seen the roster?

You are expecting guys who aren’t great to play WAY above themselves. Taper the expectations, just look for development.

My biggest positive was seeing Demar attack the basket looking for contact! We need guys like that now and later…starter or 6th man? Who gives a shit?

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