I get hung up on the meaning of words sometimes. OK – pretty much all the time. Like the other day I hear a news report about an “alleged” shooting by an unidentified person. Can you make an allegation against someone that was not seen and cannot be identified? What’s the point? Can’t they just say there was a shooting and nobody knows who pulled the trigger? Or is the allegation referring to the existence of the event itself? A shot rang out. There was a bullet left behind. But maybe all of life is just a dream cooking in the mind of Quetzalcoatl after imbibing a little too much peyote juice. Or maybe all of reality is just a simulation created by sentient machines. But c’mon – neither a whacked out feathered god, nor a bunch of rabid supercomputers is going to come up with such a snoozefest. Just stop messing with me with this “alleged” shit already.

Which brings me to our “alleged” basketball team. And the league nixing any use of the Young Gunz. Why? If it’s because of the “z” then I can understand. It reinforces the misuse of the english language (lolz), and if there is any discussion as to whether it’s a zed or a zee then that’ll just be one more fire for Colangelo to put out. But we know it’s actually about the reference to the weapon, as if it wasn’t a matter of whether guns kill people, or whether people kill people, but whether the word kills people. Anyone who would associate what the “Young Gunz” do on the court, with the antics of Gilbert Arenas off the court, is a little loopy, and making words into a problem in this case just draws further attention to shit that I already forgot. Why magnify stupidity with more stupidity?

How does this play out if they take things further? I’m thinking that Andrea already got uncomfortable doing his GQ photo shoot, because they called it a photo “shoot”. What happens when he has to shoot the ball? The guy is still learning the language. Why mess with his head like this? I can just see him guarding Dwight Howard with the clock winding down, when he hears Stan Van screaming “SHOOOOOT!!!!SHOOOOOT!!!!” and then ducks for cover behind the uprights. If there is any mention of a run and gun style of play he might pee himself. It’s just not right to be doing that.

All the same, I’ll be just as happy if the young ‘uns on the Raptors end up being Jungians. Those are they guys that are going to need to develop their games, and develop an archetypal persona for the team, so that for some time to come, anyone who plays here will know who they are and how to play while on the floor. That’s something that has never happened here, and it’s time that it did. I don’t suspect that Bargnani or Kleiza or Barbosa are going to be able to summon up revelatory synchronistic experiences, or it would have happened already. It’s going to be about the kids pushing and shaping this team into something, somehow by season’s end.

What will that be, and what will that mean? Who knows? Triano and Colangelo will have their say, but it’s going to have to be something that ultimately comes out of the collective unconscious (if not conscious) of DeMar, Sonny, Amir, Ed, and from there among the rest of the players. Every single one of them looks to be faced with needing to prove themselves in a bigger role than they’ve known before. There will be a crisis or three. But that is where an identity can be shaped and shared, and with that this team can move into the future with some sense of direction.

Meanwhile the marketing team came up with the idea that the Raptors plus YOU equals the perfect equation. Except that isn’t a complete equation. And I would think that that the “perfect equation” would be Raptors+every diehard fan that’s waited 16 years for something really good=82 wins. All they’ve given us is some circular reasoning that sounds like some stab in the dark. Stab? Maybe I should just say it’s a random attempt to grab our attention. There is a little bit riding on those Jungians.

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bjjs  on September 15th, 2010

“Those are they guys that are going to need to develop their games, and develop an archetypal persona for the team, so that for some time to come, anyone who plays here will know who they are and how to play while on the floor. ”

I just hope they get the opporunity to fail a few times out on the court.

Jay Triano…sigh.

Please prove me wrong, Mr. Triano.

Please let this group develop into a team.

Don’t allocate minutes based on preserving the perceived value of your boss’ assets.

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