Everything about this team draws attention to the lack of completeness. It’s just like my life. Incomplete tax return forms. Incomplete sex addiction therapy (it seems you need to actually have sex before they’ll follow through with that). Mochi the wonder poodle was recently neutered (and he’s handling it better than I am). And the Toronto Raptors. That’s actually a pretty complete list of incompleteness. I must be missing something.

With the Raptors, you have two point guards that must split time rather than have a complete impact on any game, and it’s questionable whether either one has the make-up to do so (although I think Jack could prove to be capable).

Our franchise player looks all-NBA for more than half a season, but has never made it through an entire year in good form, injury-free and dependable for 82 games. He’s a perfect fit for an incomplete team perhaps.

The guys relied on to win a few games without Bosh in the lineup, or at less than 100 percent, Hedo and Andrea, just aren’t the kind of threats that can carry a team. Does Derozan show the promise to be able to do so? Will he be able to balance out a frontcourt-heavy attack as he develops? Not from what I’ve seen so far.

We have no consistent three-point shooters on the perimeter, and not enough good perimeter defenders. We miss out on the benefits of the home-run ball, while remaining nearly helpless to stop the big shots coming from the opposing side.

With all of that considered, it means working harder on both ends of the court just to stay in a lot of games. It’s why we see two or three quarters of brilliance, and another one or two of abject failure. Successful play, as they are built right now, is not sustainable for them over 48 minutes, and the minutes where they run out of gas lead to them looking terrible. And no amount of Jose saying that they just need to be able to play a good 48 minutes is going to change that. Particularly when the team is in the hands of coach Triano.

We have a coach whose biggest decisions of the season came by default, once after Jose was injured, and then after Hedo effectively quit on the team and got himself stuck on the bench. We have a coach that preached defense throughout the offseason, all through training camp, and then spent the season opting to make choices that favor offense for defense, and never the other way around, unless I missed something. Defense has been an afterthought, with stronger defensive players coming off the bench and not getting enough minutes. Wright was finally made a starter, but that came along with Jose being moved back into the starting unit to entirely nullify the improvement. Triano has not been entirely incompetent. He’s just incomplete, in that he has not done that part of the job that entails making hard decisions and ensuring that important details are adhered to.

Now what happens if Bosh leaves? I have to think this team goes from being incomplete to being completely awful. But if he can be shown how this team can keep it’s strengths with him in place, and then take a big step with the right moves to become more complete, then who knows? Settle in on Jarrett Jack as the primary pg, find a perimeter defender that can hit from beyond the arc consistently, and get a player that can help carry the team above and beyond what Bargnani and Turkoglu are able to do, and you have a team that might look as good to him as just about any other. That would entail moving some players, and paying some tax. But if Bosh can look at how much he has invested here and remain committed to giving it one more try before asking to be traded, then Colangelo is going to have to finally complete the picture, and maybe get a qualified and proven coach to make it all work. The aternative would be to see an arena that is far from completely filled. There has been enough excitement this season, and all surrounding a team that just comes up short on so many levels. If this team would not have to work so hard to just tread water, the marathon of a schedule would not be so unkind, and hard work could be reflected in steady improvement instead of the constant ups and downs according to the strength of the schedule.

At least there is a certain amount of clarity going forward. The picture is incomplete, but not entirely scrambled. Hopefully Bosh takes note of that clarity, and can be convinced that the franchise will act on completing the picture.

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