The Message

Mr. Colangelo put together a little message that was sent out to all the major media outlets last week. He said something a little different from “it’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under”, although he did point out that he was close to going there early in the season when the schedule was tough. But pointing at the tough schedule “wasn’t an excuse, it was a reality” Keepin’ it real Bryan. Keepin’ it real fo sho. And what a great way to make excuses without making excuses.

The biggest part of his message had to be this line: “I’m talking about not only a tweak, but in a big deal, we’re going to be a buyer, not a seller.”

My question is – who is this message directed at? Is it a message meant be heard loud and clear by all the pushers and pimps, those being the sad GM’s of teams in financial hardship? Is he meaning to make them very aware that the Raptors are ready to look at offers even if Bosh is off the table? Or is the message meant mainly for Chris Bosh himself? Is this supposed to keep him feeling a sense of affirmation in the process of a team being built here, no matter what Colangelo is able to get done in the upcoming few days? Is it actually just all about putting a spin on any moves that might get made, so the hardcore fans can feel less of a shock when a favorite player heads the other way in a big deal? Is he just making sure there is no panic over interpretations regarding whether he’s given up on signing Bosh or adding to the core any further when a significant piece or pieces leave town? And then looking at how he brings it all into a context that equates with what Brian Burke did with the Leafs, is his main purpose to let the hockey fans of this town know that their team has been attended to and will not be asked to suffer while the basketball side of operations makes their gains?

All of the above? Probably. It’s reminiscent of how Shakespeare threw in the odd lewd joke, a little action, a few hints at what the Queen might have liked to think served her political agenda, all wrapped up in poetics and a greater awareness of the human condition. So there’s a little something for everyone. All he needs is a video with the Furious Five and he’s really got something there. Maybe that comes when something actually happens. And that’s the final question. Does anything actually happen? Or do we get told about realities again?

It’s kinda put me on edge. Bryan’s put some nice thoughts out there that sound like a vague promise, and he’s covered all the bases in terms of how the actions that are to follow get perceived. So what happens? Will he be solving the riddle of two point guards playing 25 minutes each a night? Will he be sending Turkoglu to a welcoming Adelman who lacks playmakers aside from the speedy Brooks, or to an Eddie Jordan that might like the chance to use Hedo in a Princeton offense that he has been forced to abandon? Was the fresh display of energy in Madison Square Garden the result of Hedo auditioning for someone he would rather play for, with a role big enough to suit his ego? Will the smallish expiring contracts bring anything back this way?

I’m just trying not to lose my head over it all, and hoping above all, that if something gets done, it serves defensive priorities above all else. But he didn’t exactly offer any hints in that direction. If that’s not to be the case, then I’m personally fine with standing pat right now.

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