I Still Like This Team

To me it looked like they responded pretty nicely to the bad loss, when they played against the Celtics last night. Of course I didn’t catch a lot of the game. I saw most of the second quarter, and then some of the fourth. I never saw Bargnani on the floor, and only a few minutes with Calderon on the floor.

Rasho looked terrific. He’s old and big and slow right? So why can’t we see more of our other unathletic guys at least show what a little bit of energy can do? It makes such a difference.

And that group in the second quarter, with Jack and Beli in the backcourt, and Amir, Bosh and Hedo up front was so nice to watch. It looked like a good idea for a change-up to the starting lineup. I mean it worked right? They competed on both ends. No obvious weaknesses to exploit with ease.

That’s a team that I can still like. That’s a team that can build some momentum from game to game. That’s a team that can develop good habits and start rolling downhill a bit. They are starting to get concerned about how some players lack the right focus going into games, and the overall culture. How about getting guys on the floor that demonstrate how the right focus can be put to use? How about worrying less about everybody getting their share of minutes, and just getting guys out there to get the job done? I understand Triano’s need to carry out a long-term vision, but he is going to have to alter the picture he had in his mind to start the season. Reality has not matched up. His lack of action only allows for the culture of the team to corrode.

So what are we waiting for? How much of this team’s clear talent upgrades must continuously go to waste, and why? If there are not some clear answers soon, I plan on watching second quarters exclusively, or at the very least, avoiding third quarters altogether.


bjjs  on November 29th, 2009

You have to ponder if the coach is being pressured by the man in the suit to play certain players just as his predecessor was.

pimpery  on November 30th, 2009

maybe Turkey was never the answer and ppl need to start realizing it… what a bad fit for this team… more non rebounding length, another unathletic guard more chucking….

wish i could hear all the newfound turkish raptor fans now… lol…. with this core of 10mil to turkey, 8mil to Jose, 10mil to Bargnani and potentially 20mil to bosh it’s all but guaranteed we are going nowhere in the fast lane.

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