Putting the Pieces Together

Well, clear Bay street and get the route ready, the Raptors knocked off the Cavs and I guess we should get ready for the parade. Sorry, but if you hear the way Raptors fans and media types were talking, you would think that by knocking off the Cavs (who had played the night before) was reason enough to think that the Raptors are ready to dominate. I’m not saying that they aren’t improved, but let’s take it easy…remember how last year’s team started?

Instead of focusing on the Raptors off the start, I have to focus on Shaq, because he’s the guy who keeps sticking out in my mind. Shaq looked absolutely miserable out there. I don’t know if he is going to be able to sit for long stretches like that and still be effective, because sometimes once you get a big body like that cooled down, there’s no starting things back up. When Chris Bosh (even with the added muscle) actually looks like he is pushing you away from the basket, you have some serious issues going on. Maybe it was too much time spent on the reality TV stuff or focusing on anything else he stole over the summer, but Shaq looked old and slow. Maybe he was carrying the playbook with him on the court since he still doesn’t know it.

I am going to wait for fans to turn on Jack. Seriously. I like Jack’s game and as most readers here know, I like a guy who looks to push the ball up court and make guys run, but I am waiting for when he has a couple of rough games and then people are going to start bringing up TJ’s name again. It’s inevitable, especially considering they were just playing together. There were a few times Jack looked out of control, but overall, he had a really effective game.

There was a big deal made about getting the “real” NBA refs back before the season started and since they are back, I guess all of the stars are happy. A while back, I talked about how the stars just wanted the refs back so they could get their preferential treatment and anybody who saw some of the calls with regard to LeBron now knows exactly what I was talking about. Whether it was phantom fouls against him or letting him take four steps without a dribble, at times it was almost comedic. I know, supposedly being an NBA ref is the toughest job in sports, but come on, let’s not make the love for the stars in this league that obvious…especially in the other team’s barn.

Alright, that’s all. A very entertaining game, I look forward to seeing more like that this season…just as long as we don’t have to watch them blow more leads…

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pimpery  on October 30th, 2009

snap back to reality…. this team is gonna stank!! Jack not only wont stank tho, he will take Joses job

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