Wishes into Swishes?

As a fan I find this time of the year all about making some wishes. That’s right, I’m going to try to wish away all the scary questions and prognostications. I mean at the very least, all the activity in the off-season has allowed for some wishing. That’s something I didn’t necessarily expect mere months ago. So I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity while it exists.

So please join with me now. Jambi is waiting. Say it with me – “mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho“.

Jambi – give me more free throw attempts for Jose Manuel Calderon. He has to find a way to get to the line. If that means he has to look for his own shot more then so be it, especially if defenders are playing off of him and giving him the shot. He is the guy at the point of attack and he needs to attack to make everything work for everyone else. If he can double his attempts at the stripe, then it is going to put pressure on opposing teams to come up with a defensive game plan that fully takes him into account as a scorer, and that is going to make it harder for them to figure out what to do with the other guys that he loves to pass to. Ultimately it will make him a better distributor, and put the pressure on the refs to blow their whistle in crunch time. Let it be Jambi! Make it happen!

I can’t stop there. Ready folks? “Mecca-lecca hi, mecca chonny ho.”

Jambi – please grant Jay Triano the best abilities of the coaches he has assisted here in Toronto. We have yet to see this guy have his full impact on a team Jambi. Make it an impact with a lasting positive effect. Please give him some tools in his tool belt, acquired over his period of apprenticeship under three other guys.

Give him the frank earnestness and demanding presence of Sam, give him KO’s attention to detail on defense, and please let him demonstrate Lenny’s knack for bringing teams along throughout the season and peaking when it matters most.

That last bit is a doozy Jambi. Lenny took some fairly mediocre teams farther than expected throughout his career. This particular team could use that like crazy. They just aren’t going to be able to come together as a collective whole right away, but if they can do so by the time the games in April dwindle down to a precious few, then all the barbs of the early schedule will be worth the stress they invoke. It will allow Jay to carry on further, and give the franchise the chance to further stabilize.

Time for one more, or ten Jambi?
A-mola mecca-molla mecca-cholla mola hey.”

Give us some real surprises. Let’s hear some talk about how our zero acquired from Golden State is taking off a little bit like another shooter that began his career there with that same number. Making for another Agent Zero might be a bit too large of a wish for even your powers Jambi. But how about Operativo Nisba? Make my wishes turn to swishes on a regular basis and I will be nicely surprised.

If not that then maybe show us how Jarret Jack’s importance is far greater than what we have at face value now. Let Reggie Evans seize hold of the game’s momentum every night. Allow Demar DeRozan to fit in on both ends right away. Make Hedo’s experience rub off enough to make a guy like Bargnani an All-Star hopeful. And let me wish upon a Bosh that has shone like no other Bosh from previous seasons.

Don’t disappoint me Jambi. Oh I know – whatever. The wishes you grant always have unintended consequences. I’ll wait for it all to work out in reality, one way or another, and come up with some wishes along the way. I could try to act smart and point out all the obstacles that can’t be overcome without magic numbers, but I’ll put my trust in the genie for now and enjoy just being a fan with a bit of wonder swirling in my brain at the dawn of another season.

Long Live Jambi.

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