Raptors 2009 Offseason: Turko-GLUE

I’ve been away for a long time. Do I need to explain why? No. So on with the post.

Anyway, looks like everything with Hedo is done and he will be on his way to Toronto this season, providing the Raptors with some scoring from the forward position. As I mentioned many times whenever the Raptors had to face the Magic last season, Hedo is one of those guys who can heat it up in a hurry and when he has one of those nights, well, then look out.

I don’t know if I have ever seen a player who has had so many people either completely for or completely against his signing in Toronto. There doesn’t seem to be any grey area on this one for most Raptors fans. Either they like the signing or they hate it. Well, that’s what I’m here for. I am going to be the grey area. Yes, I am coming out to say, I’m not so sure about this one.

After what was a disaster of a season, there were a couple of things that I figured the Raptors were going to need to get: 1) somebody who was focused solely on rebounding; and 2) another quality guard. I figured the toughness part would be addressed with the signing of somebody who could rebound, so I didn’t use that as a third point.

So the Raptors got Reggie Evans, which I liked. The dude is tough and I think he is going to throw a few elbows around, something that the Raptors need more of. He’s also going to pull down some rebounds and not get all excited and start thinking he is going to fill the basket every night, so that helps.

Nothing effective has been done to address the lack of depth at the guard spot (let’s not consider the draft at the moment) and that’s where…hold on…lack…of…depth…THAT’S IT! That’s where I was going with this post. Lack of depth. You see, I don’t mind the signing of Hedo, I think he is going to be the glue (see that? Glue? I know, I know, you don’t pronounce the “g” in Turkoglu, but tell me there isn’t a marketing opportunity there) in what should be a pretty decent starting
three. The problem is, after either Bosh, Bargs or Glue come out for a rest, take a look down that bench. It ain’t pretty. That bench is looking thinner than an Olsen twin on a safari.

With all of the problems the Raptors had last season, wasn’t depth one of them? This is where I get all grey with the signing. Was it better for the Raptors to drop some big time money on Glue which required renouncing the rights to Marion, Delfino and AP or should they have scaled down a bit and gone the “more depth” route? With Bosh and his injury woes last season and Bargs with his foot problems, I’m a little nervous looking down that bench.

The other thing that gets me a little nervous about this signing is that I have a bad feeling there are going to be a lot of nights where the Raptors fall into one of those outside shooting routines that has so often killed them. Does Bargs need a guy who is going to lead by example via shooting? Does Bosh? Okay, Hedo is a little more selective about his shots, but if he has to bang inside or let one go, he’s going to shoot it like a junkie. If the Raptors get into one of those ruts, who is going to lead them out of it?

Anyway, welcome to Toronto Hedo. We overpaid for you, but I don’t care. See you at the Toronto Turkish Festival. You’d better be there…and you’re buying the Lokum.


Doc  on July 5th, 2009

LMAO …. “thinner than an Olsen twin on a Safari”? I love that analogy Jay. I got to remember to use that sometime.

Anyhow, since the talk that Hedo is in fact coming to Toronto, I’ve been one of those “grey” area peeps too. I mean, we finally have a consistent outside threat. Just think of attention Hedo will get and the mismatches it will cause with Bosh and Andrea and vice versa.

My main concern other than the amount we just paid to get Hedo, is if the shots aren’t falling and again without someone like Marion, our defense does take a significant drop. I mean at this point in our starting five (Jose, DeMar, Hedo, Bosh, Bargnani) I think its safe to say at this point that Bargs is our best defender. That’s something scares the shit out me. I really hope DeMar is all that and a stack of pancakes on defense, because if he isn’t then we’re most definitely going to have to score 120 points a game to win night in, night out. πŸ™

Jay  on July 5th, 2009

I hear you on the D. I think Andrea made some serious strides last year on D and I was pretty happy with what he did, but like you said, if he is the Raptors’ best defender in the starting five next year, it could be a shootout every night…and then if the shots aren’t dropping…yikes.

Andrew  on July 5th, 2009

Jay, your saying there is a day Bosh, Bargnani, Turk, and Calderon do not make any shots?..lol

Johnn19  on July 5th, 2009

First thing, I think Hedo, Andrea, Bosh, and Jose are going to ea play 32/36 min per night. At least one of the 3 forewards will always be on the floor with the back-ups.

BC needs to find 2 more 2/3s who are good defenders and one who can score.

Derozan needs to forget about scoring and play defense to start out. Bosh, Andrea, & Turk can all play team defense, and guess why Iavoroni was hired ???. TEAM DEFENSE has to improve, no matter who is playing or forget the playoffs. With that line-up scoring should not be a problem, but you win with stops on DEFENSE.

Doc  on July 5th, 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong Johnn, but I don’t think defense is going to be an issue for DeMar. If anything its his offense that worries me. So, just as long as he’s focused on the defensive end, he could be one of the best (if not the best) defensive SG’s the Raptors have ever had. I just hope he’s all that he cracks himself up to be on defense. πŸ˜‰

But your right, we definitely need some more insurance at the SF position or maybe a couple options. I’m pretty confident in Ukic (unlike most Raptors fans) as a back-up to Jose, but my fear is what happens if Jose is as injured as he was last season. Then our back court could be in deep trouble. πŸ™

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kewel  on July 10th, 2009

guys guys we still have three roster spots and up to $12 million to spend to fill them. team definitely needs a solid 5 and a 2/3 who can play good defense and offense. we know that they like delfino and rasho also kleiza is good option i guess.

Bryan said that he is looking short-term deals.i ‘m still excited about his next move

and i’m pretty optimistic about this year

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