Game 82: Raptors vs. Bulls – Post-game

Bittersweet. That’s pretty much all you can say about tonight’s win over the Bulls to close out the season. You can sit back and look at the past couple of weeks and wonder just which team was the real Raptors team from this season. Surely, there is enough evidence to suggest that the real Raptors are the ones who turned in a lot of subpar performances leading to convincing losses, but there were also some momentary flashes of what could be called brilliance…well, if you wanted to provide a misnomer. Let’s go with momentary flashes of quality play.

So was Shawn Marion’s performance tonight a final way of putting himself on display for the upcoming offseason? Last chance to make an impression that will have to last until after the playoffs are over? Kind of strange when your best game of the year comes in your last game of the year, although maybe the Bulls just weren’t into it that much. I thought the Bulls would have liked the matchup, a good way for them to prepare for the playoffs without being too taxed, but instead, they got smacked around. This was one of those games where (for a change in the Raptors favour) the final score wasn’t indicative of how far apart the two teams were all night.

I also would have thought that Chicago would have been playing with more urgency since the seeds weren’t set, but it looks like now they are going to have to face Boston in the first round. How the Raptors were able to come out and dominate like that is beyond me and walking into the playoffs, if I were a Bulls fan right now, I would be seriously worried (although facing the Celtics, they should probably already be worried, KG or no KG).

So this season has finally come to a close for the Raptors and now we can get on to watching some quality basketball instead of being subjected to the schoolyard crap we had to endure for most of the season. Of course, there will be plenty to talk about leading up to the draft, especially considering all of the things the Raptors have to take care of personnel-wise. Should be interesting.

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