Game 78: Raptors vs. Pacers – Post-mortem

It’s not very often that I miss a Raptors game and if I do, then I typically don’t write about it, because if I haven’t seen it, then I would just be guessing based on box scores and highlights. But tonight, well, tonight I am just going to offer some social commentary on tonight’s murder.

Apparently, at one point, the Raptors were down 41 points in this game. FORTY-ONE POINTS. Now, you don’t have to have seen a game to know that if you are down by 41 at any point during the game, there is a serious ass-kicking going on. This is the kind of ass-kicking where it doesn’t even amount to fun for the other team. It’s the kind of ass-kicking where everybody wants to just go home. It’s the equivalent at being at your grandmother’s birthday when you’re a teenager. The thing is called a party, but it isn’t even close to being a party, but you can’t leave because your boss (your parents) remind you that you have an obligation to be there, at least in body.

I can only imagine what it was like to have suffered through tonight’s massacre. Looking at the box score, Pops took more shots than the following Raptors starters: Marion, Calderon and Parker. Yikes. Pops was locked.

So it looks like the Raptors are well on their way to balancing out the 7 game win streak they had. If they lose the rest of the season, it would just be so fitting and it would pretty much sum up the season. As I mentioned earlier, I always root for the Raptors to win, but right now, it’s kind of like when you see your friend in trouble talking to his girl and instead of trying to help him, you sit back and watch him dig himself deeper into a hole. Schadenfreude at its best.

So after having a seriously busy work day, where I couldn’t pop out to see any of the Liverpool game (which they lost…sigh) and then having to work some OT and not being able to see the Raptors game (which they got absolutely drilled in) or the Jays game (where they lost to the Tigers), ?I’m starting to think that it was a good day to be busy.


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