Game 77: Raptors vs. Hawks – Pre-game

So the streak is over and the Raptors can go back to sucking. Well, hopefully not. I would hope that after seeing what they can achieve when they are healthy and operating with an actual game plan, that they would be able to play a tough game against the Hawks, who are one of the more entertaining teams in the league to watch.

The Raptors are going to have to be ready for the Hawks, who are fighting for good playoff positioning and are trying to get out of a rut that has seen them lose 6 of their last 8 games. Mike Bibby, who continuously gives the Raptors fits, will be looking to take charge as he usually does when his team needs him. The Raptors are also going to have some problems guarding Joe Johnson, who is athletic, but also has the nice stroke that keeps defenders honest.

The Raptors should be trying to close the season out on a high note, winning games to show the rest of the league that they could have been a threat this year, but also that they will be one next year. It doesn’t sound like much to play for, but sometimes playing for pride is all you have available. It would be nice to see if some of the role players could get some additional minutes, because really, in the end, these games don’t mean that much anymore.

3 in the Key

1. Jose is going to have to find a way to control Bibby. I’ll take him driving the lane if Jose can just make sure that he doesn’t have open looks all night.

2. Is anybody going to be able to play some D against Joe Johnson?

3. The Raptors might be better trying to control the tempo than run against the Hawks.


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