Game 75: Raptors vs. Knicks – Post-game

Well who knew? The Raptors outscored the Knicks in fast break points (9-2), while the Knicks outscored the Raptors in points in the paint (54-34). But while you can look at all of the different stats that have come into play during this winning streak, the one thing that speaks volumes right now is the resolve we are seeing from the Raptors. Whenever they seem to get into a tough situation, they actually stand up and make plays instead of doing their typical collapse.

Against the Knicks in the fourth quarter, as the Knicks were making a run to bring the game within a couple of points, we saw the Raptors roll of something like 10 straight points, letting the Knicks that it wasn’t going to be that easy. We also saw AP come through with a nice three point play down the stretch.

I love the game that I am seeing from Bargs right now and if there was ever a point where I can stand up and puff my chest out a bit, this is going to be it. This is the kind of player I always thought he would become. Not a guy who is going to go out and drop 30 points a night, but a guy who is going to give you 20 – 25 points a night, mix it up inside and out and challenge guys on defense. In the past few games, we have seen Bargs do things like block shots (keeping them in bounds), run the court and then finish the play on the other end. We are seeing this more frequently and as I have said before, I don’t know if there are many big men in the league who can get down the court as quickly as Bargs.

So while the Raptors chances this season are slimmer than slim, they are still mathematically alive, having eliminated the Knicks yesterday. With the second half of the home and home going tonight and the Raptors playing well at home (lately), they might just stay alive for a few more heartbeats.


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