Game 69: Raptors vs. Clippers – Pre-game

It’s very rare that I am so disgusted that I don’t even write a post game, so after the Raptors dropped their second straight to the Bobcats (a team making an actual playoff push down the stretch), the fact that I couldn’t even get myself to my computer says something.

So now after essentially confirming the fact that they have no desire and very little heart, the Raptors have the Clippers in town today for what we can assume is a basketball game, although from what we have seen lately, it could be nothing more than a scrimmage or a game of pickup. Shirts vs. skins, loser buys the beers, nobody really cares and we all get drunk in the end.

But wait, I forgot, these are the Clippers the Raptors are facing today. They Clippers are just about as hopeless as the Raptors! I mean, the Clip haven’t won a road game in six weeks! Surely that bodes well for the Raptors, doesn’t it? Then again, you could always say that they are due for a road win and who better than the Raptors to face when you are due for any kind of win?

When you take a look back at offseason decisions, you would have to think that Baron Davis wishes he could take a step back. After thinking that Elton Brand was going to be around, he signed with the Clip, only to have Brand head to the other coast in Philly. But even with Camby and Randolph (the latter who has missed a chunk of games since coming over from NY), the Clippers look like a team just going through the motions most nights. If you think the Raptors mail it in some nights, you should see some of the Clippers performances.

The Clippers do have some good young talent, as Al Thornton is fun to watch. He is in second place for second year players in scoring and has led the Clip in scoring 20 times this season. He has been one of the lone bright spots in a season that has been even more disappointing than the Raptors.

When the Clippers have Randolph in the lineup, they are quite a different team, as they are 3-22 without him. For the Clippers, Randolph gives them a little bit more grit, something which they need as Kaman has played much of the season injured and while Thornton is a good player, you can only expect so much from a second year guy. But when you take a look back at that front court, it really isn’t that bad if you could get it healthy.

3 in the Key

1. The Raptors can get to the Clippers by using some speed, so let’s see if they can use matchups to beat Randolph and Kaman, who aren’t the quickest of guys.

2. Don’t get jump shot happy. The Clippers have some guys who can get the arms oustretched for some blocks.

3. Get tough inside. If there was a game where we could see some tough stuff from Pops, this could be it.


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