Game 63: Raptors vs. Jazz – Post-game

I think the funniest thing about today’s loss (and you do have to find the funny things in losses when the team you love loses this much) was that Bosh got a technical for a foul that he really should have taken in the first place. Early in the game, that was an opportunity to set the tone and take a hard foul if he had to or at least try to get an emphatic block, but no, we saw Bosh back out of the situation, trying to avoid contact by any means. Well, so much for that.

When the word came out that Boozer wasn’t going to play, I thought the Raptors would actually have a chance to pull this one out, just something about the time zone changes, the winning streak on the line, it just all seemed like the perfect scenario for an upset. Unfortunately, the Jazz came out with a balanced attack and let Deron Williams do the rest.

Okay, we already knew that Jose’s D leaves a lot to be desired and we also already knew that Deron Williams’ offensive talents are many, but damn, I thought the Raptors training staff were going to have to tape up Jose’s ankles early in the game. That was tough to watch. You have to give it up for Jose, he didn’t let it bother him and he also was able to put some tough shooting out of his mind and still finish with a double-double. That’s the sign of a true professional. When you are just getting schooled and then you don’t have your shot going on the other end, it takes a lot of mental toughness to stay in it and still run your team’s offense.

I guess the tide really turned for the Raptors off that jump ball that Joey won, but Kirilenko ended up taking the other way for points. May I ask Bargs just what he was standing there frozen for? His feet were rooted to the ground and Joey’s efforts were wasted. I don’t want to pin the game on one play, but that was an important one and the Raptors came out on the wrong end of it.

Okay, honestly, I think I have seen Deron Williams dunk like 5 times ever. When he is able to walk down the lane and throw down, you really have to take a look at how things are going on D. Really. Nothing against Deron, I love his game, but he shouldn’t be showing anybody up with dunks. Yikes.

Pops. 11 minutes, 7 boards, 4 fouls. If you remember, I’ve said on more than one occasion that the Raptors need some guys who understand what their roles are on the team. Pops seems to get what his role is here. He runs the floor, brings energy and I’ll be damned if that guy isn’t jumping for every board out there. You don’t see him trying to create plays or taking a bunch of wild shots, he’s just there to get boards (and the occasional wild-swinging block). If you can have a guy like that on your team, they can really play an important part on figuring out how to put together a winner. I KNOW, he has only played a couple of games, but I’m just saying, it looks like he gets what he is here to do.

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