Game 62: Raptors vs. Heat – Post-game

All things considered, the Raptors didn’t play that bad of a game. There was just a guy on the other team with the last name Wade who just scorched the Raptors on every opportunity he got. I think that bank shot with a couple of minutes left and AP all over him is one of the best shots I have seen this season. That was a pressure shot and one of great difficulty and he nailed it.

The thing that has been hurting the Raptors lately is that they haven’t been able to get a complete team game, as one player has been letting the team down each night. Last night, it was Jose’s turn to let down the team, as he just didn’t look into the game by any means. I’m not sure what his status is injury-wise, but if he is going to come out looking like that, then you may as well shut him down, because that was embarrassing. He was getting blown by on D, had no energy to get down the court, it just wasn’t the Jose that we know (well, getting blown by on D is starting to be the Jose we know, but you know what I was getting at).

If you look at the night from the Raptors frontcourt, that’s the kind of night that should really translate into some wins. Bosh 34, Bargs 23, Marion 10 and 5, that’s not a bad night. You get AP chipping in with 16 and with some stops, you should be able to come out with a win at home. But as we have seen this season, the Raptors have not been their usual selves at the ACC, it just hasn’t been a fearsome place to play.

Gotta Have My Pops! Okay, before we go all Guy Larose on the guy, you had to be impressed with the energy and toughness that Pops brought to the game last night. 15 minutes, 10 boards, a few points and a legitimate smack down on Wade when he tried to come down the lane in the latter part of the game. Wade still got back up and continued lighting it up, but you have to like that Pops sent a message that that part of the court was his and nobody was going to come strolling down there, especially when they were working up to the 40 point range. The thing that made Pops’ game so impressive last night was nothing more than hustle and grit. He was in position the whole night, boxing out and getting physical to get rebounds, something the Raptors haven’t seen much of in years. It will be interesting to see how he closes out the season. Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyy!

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