Game 62: Raptors vs. Rockets – Pre-game

The Raptors are going to have a tough time with the Rockets tonight. Given, the Raptors have a tough time with pretty much every team on any night, but since having T-Mac go down with injury, the Rockets have been on fire. If I were in the Rockets management, I would seriously have to think a bit about whether or not T-Mac was going to be in our plans anymore.

The thing is, a lot of the time, when a player goes down with injury, teams rally together and are able to put together some wins just based on heart and a little more energy. The Rockets are putting together these wins by simply being a better team. I actually like T-Mac’s game and think that too much blame has been put on him for his team’s playoff losses, but there is something about him in Houston that just doesn’t work. Welcome to HOUSTON BABY! Well, maybe it’s more like see you later.

The last time around, Yao got owned by Bargs. You can’t say it any better than that. Bargs was in the midst of his awakening and he shut down Yao, which is tough to believe. Not to say anything against Bargs, but just because of size, Yao is a tough guy to deal with. The Raptors will need another one of those great performances on D if they are going to pull something out of this road trip.

Now let’s just hope Bosh doesn’t start complaining about Yao hanging out in the key…sheesh.

3 in the Key

1. The Raptors will need a big night from Bargs on both ends of the court.

2. Bosh is going to have to have a solid performance or else Bargs’ efforts will be wasted.

3. Let’s see if Jose can actually help to sway this game by pushing the ball and exposing the speed difference between Bargs and Yao.


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