Game 61: Raptors vs. Mavericks – Post-game

As soon as Shawn Marion had to give in to the flu and pack this one in, the Raptors were essentially done. They just don’t have a deep enough bench to make up for a loss like that. Even though Joey came back (and played well), it wasn’t enough for the Raptors, who just didn’t have enough bullets in the gun (make your own joke here about the Raptors killing themselves).

But let’s not be so nice to the Raptors as to just say that they didn’t have enough guys and that was the only reason why they lost. While it is something that can’t be ignored, being understaffed was only one of their problems tonight. It appeared the only place the Raptors were comfortable shooting the ball from was the free throw line, as their abysmal night from behind the arc (21.4%) was paired with a 37.4% night from the floor. Bargs took a series of shots to start the game that either didn’t catch rim or barely did, making it look like his feet were nailed to the ground on his release.

On the defensive end, Jose Calderon continued to have problems defending, as Jason Kidd weaved around him all night and made the most of screens (as the Raptors apparently forgot how to help their teammate out with some calls). Kidd notched 15 assists, finding his teammates with ease while recognizing that his shot just wasn’t going to fall on this night.

If we haven’t already, can we now say that Jason Kapono’s shot has officially disappeared? Man, he looks like he’s blindfolded, has had a few too many and is shooting with his non-shooting hand out there. It really isn’t pretty to watch. What is even uglier to watch is seeing him try to get back downcourt after a miss, as we see his head go down and the arms doing one of those “we’re pumping because it will make it look like we are actually running” movements. It’s terrible stuff to watch.

So now 0-2 on the Test in the West, we can say that the Raptors have failed, which is something that has become all too common this season. The Raptors don’t have the manpower and even when they do, it just isn’t enough.


Doc  on March 2nd, 2009

I see a 22 game losing streak to finish out the season Jay. 🙁

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