Game 44: Raps vs. Pistons – Post-game

When you score 22 points in the first quarter and score less in each subsequent quarter, shoot less than 60% from the line and play D like you’re in an All-Star game, you’re just not going to win many games. That was pretty much the scenario tonight.

The Raptors limped into this game with an almost guaranteed loss weighing on them, with a short bench made shorter as Hump is out and Jake was a DNP-CD. Let’s not include Jawai as really being a part of the lineup yet. So that was essentially 8 guys out there playing against the Pistons, with one of them being a rustier than Sanford and Son’s Junk Truck JO. Those odds just weren’t going to work in the Raptors’ favour.

So tick, tick, tick, that’s officially the sound of a season blowing up as the Raptors hit their 7th straight loss. While things are not completely impossible, one would have to think that if this streak gets to 10, the Raptors will have then had the life sucked out of them. I think they may be able to avoid the double-digit streak as Sacramento is in the nine spot, but really, I don’t know if you put the Raptors up against Runnymede if they would come out on top right now.

It never fails to amaze me how the Raptors can continually come out of halftime looking so dead. Is Jose still handing out the Gatorade at halftime? What is going on in the locker room at halftime? You know JT goes into the half with a serious game plan that he wants executed for the second half, so what is it about the Raptors that no matter who the coach is, they just come out and lay an egg in the third quarter so often? It can’t be fatigue. You can’t come out of a 15 minute break and claim that you’re tired. Just seems a little strange to me.

Nice to see that Bosh’s calling out of Moon may have calmed Jamario down a bit, as he went 4-5 from the floor and took only 1 3-pointer (which he made), but on the defensive end, his head was on a swivel tonight, missing assignments like they were community college math courses. I guess you can’t ask for everything in one game. On the other side, Bosh had a decent game, but the Raptors were going to need something special from him in order to beat the Pistons and they just didn’t get it from him tonight.

Tick, tick, tick…


Doc  on January 22nd, 2009

*sigh* Can it get any worse? 🙁

Jay  on January 22nd, 2009

I hesitate to even say that phrase, because it seems to be the only challenge the Raptors rise up to. Can it get any worse, well yes, yes it can, just watch!

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