Game 39: Raps vs. Celtics – Pre-game

There’s nothing worse than having a team playing poorly come into your building and stop your own home winning streak. It’s like having somebody you don’t like come over to your house for dinner, eat all your food, spill wine on the carpet, drop a bomb in the washroom and then walk out the door without saying thanks. When the Raptors lost to the Celtics in game one of a home and home, they essentially had their house vandalized.

Going into Boston to pull out a win isn’t going to be easy, I don’t care how poorly the Celtics have been playing. With their team back in the win column and three wins over the Raptors this season, they are going to be full of confidence.

It looks like Jose probably will not play in this game and that actually may be good news for the Raptors, who need Jose to get healthy and also need some speed to be able to handle Rondo. There is no way that Rajon Rondo should be throwing down dunks on anybody in this league. He is quick, that’s a fact. But when he is playing against an injured opponent, he is going to create that drive penetration all night and has the weapons necessary waiting for him to dish.

Chris Bosh is going to have to show that he isn’t afraid of going inside on KG and Big Baby, because in game one of the home and home, I’m sorry, I hate to say it, because I honestly do love Bosh, but he looked scared. Jump shot after jump shot just isn’t going to cut it, especially if you aren’t hitting it. Bosh will need to get to the basket first in order to open up that shot and he showed a few times in game one that he is quick enough to get by KG.

The Raptors are also going to have to figure out a way to stay energized. Whether it is going to their bench earlier or changing their offensive mindset, they have to do something to get out of these ruts where they just seem to disappear. Joey brought some definite energy to the game and say what you want about Jake “All Six” Voskuhl, but at least he made it clear that there weren’t going to be any easy points. The Raptors will have to have some energy to win in Boston.

3 in the Key

1. Energy. Simple as that. You can’t sleep against the Celtics.

2. Support on the defensive end. If the PG is beaten off the dribble, some support needs to slide in. Also, can somebody please CALL OUT A PICK so somebody like Jamario doesn’t get killed? Help your teammates!

3. Work inside. The Raptors have the tools to play inside and they need to do it here to win.

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