Game 38: Raps vs. Celtics – Post-game

There is a certain lack of energy, of urgency that often concerns me when watching the Raptors. Today was one of those games. It’s not that the Raptors go out and mail in games, because overall, that is pretty rare with this team. But there are stretches, sometimes even whole quarters where the Raptors seem to start standing around watching teams make plays or stand around waiting for a play to magically happen on the offensive end, only to arrive at the same result: defeat.

The 14-0 Celtic run in the first quarter and some absolutely atrocious shooting in the third quarter sealed this game for the Raptors. Even though the Celtics have been playing some poor basketball lately, they are still the champs and when you have long stretches of poor play, championship teams are going to capitalize. By the time the Raptors were able to get things sorted, it was that old refrain: too little, too late.

I had a feeling it was going to happen, that the Raptors were going to throw Jose back into the lineup and just to take a guess, Jose probably had a good bit of input into that decision. After the jawing that previously went on with KG, it was only natural that Jose would want to get out there and help his team defeat the Celtics. But as I have said before, hamstring injuries and groin injuries are the worst kind in any sport where you have to make a lot of quick starts and stops and you just can’t rush back from those injuries. It’s a fact. You can’t come back quickly without reaggravating things. With the way the Raptors backup guards have been playing and the poor play of the Celtics lately, the Raptors should have kept Jose shelved. He was continually beaten off the dribble by Rondo, which not only led to Rondo scoring, but was a main factor in creating a lot of open looks for Ray Allen, who was solely responsible for the Celtics early lead.

Good to see Joey come out with a little bit of passion, showing that you can’t just walk down the lane and score at will. You also have to like that when Scalabrini was angry that Joey took him down and got up in Joey’s face, he didn’t budge. Now if only some of that grit could rub off on some of his teammates.

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