Game 32: Raps vs. Nuggets – Post-game

Well, the effort was there, if not misplaced at times, but it was there.  It was good to see JT driving home the point that the Raptors need to attack the basket, especially when they are in the bonus, but you have to wonder when a coach makes a big statement like that and the team just doesn’t respond.  Is it then a question of the players not having the ability to carry out his wishes or the team just not listening to what he is saying? 

Somebody really needs to talk to Bosh about his 3-pointers.  I’ve said a few times in this blog that the worst thing that can happen when you steal something is not to get caught, because you will just keep doing it.  For Bosh to have stolen a few 3’s from the basketball Gods, the Raptors could not have had a more heinous crime committed, because now he thinks this is a legit part of his game.  The thing that gets me about Bosh’s late game shot attempts is that it shows a certain lack on confidence in what his strengths are.  We have seen him own guys inside, using his quickness and increasing strength to get to the rim and attack, but he doesn’t seem to have the same confidence in that part of his game that everyone else does. 

I’m probably going to take some heat for this, but I also have to wonder what exactly the coaching staff and Jose are thinking with relation to Bosh’s 3-pointers.  First, the coaching staff needs to have a sit-down with Bosh and talk about the 3’s and where his strengths are.  If anything, late game simulations and run-throughs need to be driven into him so that even if nobody is within 10 feet of him, he’s not going to think about taking the 3.  From Jose’s angle, he is a good enough leader and sees the court well enough that he should not be putting Bosh in a situation where the 3 is even going to be an option.  If Bosh is hanging around out there calling for the ball, point him off and run something else.  Change the angle of the ball and get it cross-court so you can reset.  If you’re the PG, you’re the leader.  It’s your team to set up down the stretch, but it’s up to your teammates to finish.  In the end, if the ball does go into Bosh out at the arc, he needs to get it right back to Jose and then get right to the paint.  They’re laying off you for a reason Chris.

I think the Raptors actually take this if JO is in the lineup.  One thing you have to appreciate about JO is that when he sets up, he’s already low enough in the post that when he does rely on the jumper, it’s a short one.  He knows the limits of his game and where his strengths are.  I think with Bosh and JO in the lineup tonight, with JO playing the way he has been, it would have been a lot of pressure for the Nuggets to handle.  When the Raptors were in the bonus at the end of the third, the ball would have been going to JO each time down the court, knowing that he was just going to post up and attack.  The Raptors missed him tonight.

Good to see Bargs have a good game tonight, because you have to think that if something is going to happen soon as far as a trade is concerned, it might include him.  I wouldn’t want to see him go, but you have to give up talent to get talent and if he can get things going, he might be that much more attractive.

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