Game 31: Raps vs. Warriors – Pre-game

Thankfully for the Raptors, things haven’t been so golden in Golden State this year…unless you’re thinking “golden” as in “shower” and then yes, things have been quite golden for the Warriors this year.  They have a few glaring issues, none more than the fact that they have no commitment on D.  They give up over 111 points per game.  I mean that’s their AVERAGE.  Nobody does it any worse than that in the leauge. It’s quite normal for them to give up more than that and I don’t care what league you’re playing in, that’s just not going to result in wins.  Those are All-Star game scores and you know the kind of D we see in those games.

It looked like the Warriors D had finally found its turning point, bringing down the mighty Celtics on Friday, 98-89, but true to form, they came out in their next game and got their asses handed to them by the Lakers, giving up 130 points.

The Raptors will need to pick up this win as they have some tough games coming up and it could get ugly unless they are able to look back at this road trip and get some confidence from coming back with a split.   Until the second half against the Blazers, it looked like the Raptors were in the process of turning things around, but there was a harsh dose of reality dealt in the second half, mostly in the third quarter.  The Warriors have guys who can start lighting it up (i.e. scoring a lot…not firing off guns and/or burnin’ weed), so the Raptors will need to make sure that they are in every quarter this game. 

The good thing for the Raptors is that the Warriors like to shoot.  Jackson and Maggette both like to shoot it, with Maggette never meeting a shot he hasn’t liked.  The good thing for Jackson is that he can back things up on the defensive end, so at least when he starts bombing away and missing, he will give you something on D.  As far as Maggette goes, when he starts chucking and missing, that’s all you’re going to get from him.  He starts believing that “shooters shoot” and will often just shoot his team out of it.  If you want to see some poor shot selection, stay tuned.

I’m a Ronny Turiaf fan and not just for the dancing.  Here’s a guy who knows what his role is on the team and he pretty much sticks to it.  He’s going to block shots, get rebounds and play some pretty tough D.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get a lot of minutes and his D is lost on a team that just isn’t committed to playing team D.  He’s Han Solo out there.  Hmm…Ronny in a Raptors uni?  I wouldn’t mind…

3 in the Key

1.  Control Biedrins and Azubuike.  Those guys are able to rebound and fill the basket and the Raptors will need to play some tough D against them.

2.   Make them beat you on the dribble.  The Warriors have a lot of good shooters, but not what I would call the greatest speed.  Don’t let them shoot the lights out.

3. Sigh…Rebound.


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Doc  on December 29th, 2008

Taming Jamal Crawford is key. Whether he be with the Bulls or Knicks and now the Warriors, the guy has always had our number. 🙁

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