Game 29: Raps vs. Kings – Post-game

Make no mistake, the Raptors were lucky and good tonight, with a little bit more on the lucky side.  First up, there was no Kevin Martin in the lineup, which always helps.  Even more than that, the Raptors were lucky that the Kings were not able to capitalize on Bosh being in foul trouble.  You could argue that some of this should be attributed to the Raptors actually playing well, minimizing the effect of losing one of their most important players and you would have a solid argument, but most of the time, what we have seen with the Raptors is that when Bosh doesn’t have a strong game or has to spend time on the bench, the opposition has been able to capitalize on the Raps’ lack of depth.

The most glaring lucky item was how the Raptors were able to escape with a win despite committing 13 first half turnovers.  They were able to tighten things up in the second half, but they can consider themselves lucky that the Kings offense was rather inept.  One wouldn’t have thought that the Raptors were going to turn the ball over more than the Kings, but the Raptors were handing it over like a Nancy-boy handing over his lunch money to a bully. 

The Raptors received another strong outing from JO, once again silencing the idiots who earlier in the season were talking about him not fitting in with the Raptors and saying that there was nothing left in the tank.  JO was getting things together before his injury and now is showing what he can do when he has his strength.  We are also seeing what he can do when he is able to stay out of foul trouble early in the game.  When JO isn’t in foul trouble, he is able to get those minutes where he can get a lot of low post touches.  When he is able to stay out of foul trouble, he can attack more freely, using his athleticism and strength to run over some players, not having to worry about picking up a charging call. 

On the defensive end, when JO is able to stay out of early foul trouble, he can take a few more chances with shot blocking and taking charges.  We saw a lot of shots from the Kings altered tonight not from JO even doing anything, just from his presence.  Overall, when he is able to stay out of foul trouble, he can keep his muscles warm and stay in the flow, which just makes playing the game that much easier.

How refreshing is it to see the Raptors come out of timeouts and television breaks with some actual set plays?  Coming out of one break, we saw a nice quick pass in to Bosh, who immediately dished to a cutting JO who went right up for 2.  A quick and effectively executed two points like that not only gets you the points on the board, but can wear on the psyche of your opposition.  If they see you coming out and runnig plays like that on them, they just might start to think, “Hell, how do we stop these guys when the two bigs are passing and executing like that?”

Let’s see if the Raptors can carry the momentum into Portland…

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