The RF Christmas Wish List – 2008 Edition

So it has become somewhat of a tradition for me to write about what I would like to see happen with the Raptors post-Christmas break and this year, man, there are a ton of things to ask for.   But it’s kind of like being that kid who sits on Santa’s lap forever in the mall, holding up all of the frustrated parents as he goes through his laundry list of items that he needs under the tree. 

Anyway, you have to ask or you don’t receive, so I have managed to get my list down to 5 key things.  That was always the rule growing up, right?  Write down the five things you want the most, knowing that there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get the top 3, a possibility for the fourth and if pops gets a big bonus, then maybe number 5 too.  Here we go…

1.  A guy who can just flat out rebound.  Yes, this is no secret, the Raptors are absolutely horrid when it comes to rebounding.  There’s no way to tiptoe around it, it’s ugly.  The Raptors rebound like they’re afraid of the ball, like somebody else has to touch it first to make sure it’s not a grenade.  Well, the only thing that has been blowing up are the second chance points the Raptors have been giving up.  They need a “Rodmanesque” guy (who doesn’t?).  A guy who knows he is just there to rebound and anything else that comes is a bonus.

2. An old-school backup PG.  The Raps could really benefit from not having to rely on the “Jose and Pray For a TV Timeout” point guard strategy anymore.  It’s not that Roko is a bad player, because he’s not (Solomon is), but with Jose going through his first season as the dedicated starter and dealing with some injuries, do you really want a rookie filling in the gaps?  A rookie who is new to ball in North America?  I don’t.  The Raptors need a Sam Cassell kind of guy.  A guy who will provide some steady leadership and who won’t mind being the backup if he is going to help the team win.  He might also be able to hook up a few “slumpbusters” when the losing streaks come.

3. A scorer.  A guy who can create his own shot when things are coming to a halt on the offensive end.  A guy who can throw down a dunk on somebody and actually looks forward to doing it.  A guy who can make the whole arena stop breathing with a play like this (but not actually that guy). 

4. Some perspective for Raptors fans.  Raptor fans really need to come off the ledge every time the team loses (which has been a lot lately).  It’s strictly a Toronto thing, where we look to complain until the next game and then hopefully complain some more.  We also need to fire everyone and trade everyone else, until we are left with a bunch of other new guys who we can complain about and then hope to trade/fire.  The fact that a few years into the job, people are starting to call for Colangelo’s head shows what I am talking about.

5. A hotter dance pack.

That’s it, not much to ask for, right?

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