Game 28: Raps vs. Clippers – Post-game

Well, that kind of worked out like I said it would (for once).  The Raptors were able to get out to an early lead and then while it did get interesting in the 3rd, the Raptors were able to turn things on in the fourth and actually close one out. 

The Raptors weren’t really pushing the ball upcourt and looking for fast-break points, but they were getting the ball up the floor quickly and forcing the Clippers to get back on D.  This may not have seemed like much, but as I mentioned earlier, the Clippers are complaining about being tired and you could see their lethargy in the 4th.  When you are able to get out to an early lead against teams that are feeling the burn, it just makes it that much easier to win, because when you get down to crunch time in the 4th quarter, your opponent just isn’t going to have the legs.

While we can point out that the Raptors were able to win the rebounding competition tonight, we also have to remember that Kaman and Camby were not in the lineup, which made things significantly easier for the Raptors.  We also have to remember that Jake “The Executioner” Voskuhl was out there taking out Randolph, so that also factored into the equation.  I’m not going to ruin the party for the Raps, so while we are celebrating the fact that the Raptors actually outrebounded another team, let’s not start thinking that all of a sudden, the Raptors have it together on the boards.

What I did like about tonight was how the Raptors were challenging shots on D.  There weren’t a lot of easy looks and guys actually made it a little more difficult to walk down the lane.  JO was his usual self in the paint, acting as a strong deterrent, but it was good to see Bosh step up and look like he felt like playing some D again.

Speaking of Bosh, I think he fed off of the positive team effort against the Spurs the other night.  As I said before, that was a game that they actually played well enough to win, but were ultimately done in by the 3.   Tonight, we saw some of that same energy carry over, with Bosh constantly attacking the rim.  There were some good ball fakes that were follwed by baseline jams, which is really what we would all like to see a bit more from Bosh.

Anyway, a quality win for the Raptors, it was nice to see them follow up on the good performance against the Spurs.

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Doc  on December 23rd, 2008

haha … nice to see that you’ve acknowledged the new nickname for Big Jake. 🙂

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