2008 Turkeys of the Year

Turkey's of the Year

Presenting the 2008 Turkeys of the Year

Gilbert Arenas

Agent Zero

He is qualified in many ways to be on this list:

– His stupid blog

– getting overpaid, is he really worth a MAX contract? You could also say the Wiz owner is a turkey

– for cheating on Halo 3. Arenas had his XBL profile looked up through bungie.net and was caught boosting. He joins a game with other XBL accounts and then quits them to boost XP.

– He’s scared of playing basketball. Arenas said. “If I come back in January — that’s about 20, 25 games we counted — when do we say it’s okay? If we’re 15 games out, how hard is it to come back from that? It might depend on who is in the eighth spot at the time and what our record is.”
He mentioned something else about using this year to get someone high in the Draft, similar to what happened to San Antonio when David Robinson got hurt and they picked Tim Duncan.

– One thing I don’t care for are frontrunners. And Gilbert Arenas, who is a headcase and occasional asshole, that I still liked did the worse thing imaginable. He became a frontrunner after saying he didn’t support McCain or Obama. Now he’s got Obama tattoos on his hand and Obama & family murals in his house. Disgusting.

Stephon Marbury


Pointless media day rants and all, he said he’s always been a good teammate but this offseason Crawford said the team didn’t even know why he was on the team, maybe that’s why the flew to pre-season camp, they didn’t want to stay with him on the bus for hours.
People hate Marbury because of his attitude and because he is one of the biggest reasons for the Knicks problems.

He was a poison to any team he has been on in his career, even though some of the teams he has been on have been good. He has had feuds with Larry Brown, Isiah Thomas and he is “the most reviled athlete in New York.”

WWE superstar Montel Vontavious Porter said in an interview that he based his wrestling persona on Marbury. M.V.P. said he had an encounter with Marbury when he was a doorman at a club.

Eddy Curry


Curry showed up to training camp in October 2008 out of shape for the second year in a row, more than 300 pounds, incensing new head coach Mike D’Antoni. Curry has not only lost his job, but was not even in D’Antoni’s rotation at the beginning of the 2008–2009 season.

Mark Cuban

Cuban doin' his thang

Hey, we’re all innocent until proven otherwise, and nobody’s laid a thing on the high-rolling, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks just yet. But these insider trading charges against Cuban, who’s making a bid to buy the Cubs? They aren’t making him look any more loveable.

Kevin Garnett


He was a class act in the NBA before he came to the Celtics. Now he picks on little white players.

Shaquille O’Neal


It’s OK to admit that the Big Goof is amusing sometimes. He can be, in his own way, kind of charmingly churlish. In an impromptu late-night rap in June, Shaq took to the mic and asked, in a fractured rhyme, “Kobe, tell me how my ass taste?” Don’t know what it means. Don’t want to.

Clay Bennett

This is for moving a team that has been in Seattle for 41 years and taking away a rivalry with Portland. The move made no economic sense for the NBA but David Stern was aboard. Seattle has four times the population of Oklahoma and is a top 10 city in terms of businesses and per capita income. Bennett is also responsible for the worst name and logo int he league.

Drew Gooden

He obviously didn’t get the memo that the beard growing contest with Stevensen was over. Is that tentacle trying to grab Deng’s tongue?


Anderson Varejao

“Side-Show Bob” and his hairstyle that hasn’t been updated since the first Simpson episode. Easy choice for this list.

Sideshow Bob

Memphis free-throw shooters

It’s amazing, really, that the Tigers made it all the way to the NCAA title game in April shooting freebies the way that they did. They ranked 339th of 341 teams. Against Kansas, things finally caught up to them. Ahead by six with 1:23 left, they bricked four straight FTs, then lost in OT.

Short Shorts

Retro Shorts

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