Game 14: Raps vs. Bobcats – Post-game

Well, everything worked out as planned.  JO didn’t play, the Raptors won and well, nobody else got hurt.  The only thing that bothered me about tonight’s win was how the Raptors were one bucket away from blowing the whole thing.  They let another double digit lead fade down to a single point lead and as they did, I could feel myself gripping my Coors Light (sorry, no MGD right now) a little tighter and I actually started to pull the garbage together early for once, a fitting metaphor for what was taking place on screen.

The Raptors were actually a bit lucky down the stretch and it’s good that we have been discussing the calls (or lack thereof) that Bargs gets, because man, the refs let a juicy one go on him when Wallace was driving for a dunk.  The replay clearly showed Bargs getting a lot of body on him when they were both in the air and there should have been a foul called.  I’m not saying that Bargs is good enough to get calls, I guess he just got lucky there. 

I’ve been talking a lot lately about Barg’s progress this season and with good reason.  We saw an additional part of his game tonight, where he didn’t really have things going on the offensive end, but he picked himself up by rebounding and playing some surprisingly good D.  He’s never going to have the fastest feet on D, but he is continually getting himself positioned properly so that he can make the most out of what he has.  I also like the fact that he isn’t afraid to take a charge or two and has thrown himself in there when he has seen the opportunity.

It is too bad that Okafor stuck his hand through the bottom of the basket, because Joey was going to have a serious highlight there.  Okafor was about to get crowned and would have been on every sports update tonight as he is supposedly a defensive presence.  It’s good to see Joey jumping at the opportunity he is getting right now, but we’ve seen this before.  Cue up the stinker game next time he gets in.  Will we see another Gatorade Graham stat line? The infamous wall of holes?  0-0-0-0-0-0?  I sure hope not, I think he really can be a valuable piece, but Joey and consistency just aren’t good friends.  Consistency just doesn’t like him like that.  Consistency just walks in, has a night with him and then comes back later.

So now the Hawks.  This should be interesting.  Does JO play?  I say no, keep him out until the west coast trip, but we’ll talk about that a bit in the next game preview.


lang  on November 26th, 2008

I was really impressed with Andrea’s footwork tonight, as well as not biting on fakes. Personally, Andrea has already exceeded my expectations this year.

Still wish the dude showed a little emotion. From what I remember, he made a big three down the stretch of the fourth quarter in the Nets game and didn’t even blink.

Jay  on November 26th, 2008

Yeah, I wonder what would get that guy excited. Maybe he’s a wild man everywhere except on the court. Lol…

But yeah, that’s why I was saying a while back that anybody who was even thinking of trading him was an idiot.

Doc  on November 27th, 2008

Re; Bargnani ….. I’ve already had a couple servings of crow so far this season. It’s really starting to get stale. 🙁

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