Game 3: Raps vs. Bucks – Pre-Game

The Bucks weren’t a good defensive team last season and with the acquisitions they made this summer, I can’t say they are going to be a ton better on D this year. Sure, they are going to be better defensively, but when you look like they did last year, there really isn’t anywhere to go but up. You don’t need new players to do that, you just need a goal and some desire. That’s where Coach Skiles comes in. While I think Skiles is a good coach, I think eventually he will wear Jefferson out as RJ likes to take the odd game off here and there. That isn’t going to be something that Skiles tolerates, so we will either see a rededicated RJ or it could end with a combatative RJ, which is probably a little more likely.

With that said about RJ, we have to remember that this is a guy who loves playing against the Raptors. He just seems to have the Raptors’ number and saves his best games for them. The big difference this time around is that RJ will be working with a new coach, a new system and a bunch of new players. Only four players remain from last season, providing the Bucks with the full rights to use the term “rebuilding.”

Andrew Bogut is a little bit of a hothead as we have seen in his games against the Raptors in the past. It will be interesting to see if JO takes his chances with Bogut tomorrow, not letting him to get easy points near the basket. I think he will be able to put the extra pressure on the 7-foot Aussie, causing him to dish back to the top of the key quickly turn to the boards ro a rebound.

If anybody knows some magic, let’s do what we can do to keep Charlie Bell out of the game. Another Raptor killer.

3 in The Key

1. The Raptors cannot afford to have Andrew Bogut push them around. It iwll be important to close down on him early in the game.

2. The Raptors need to score, but they also need some solid D, guys who can take care of Bogut time.

3. The Bucks still won’t be able to play D, so the Raptors should take calculated risks during the game. If they can move the ball down the court quickly, if there are solid quick break opportunities, then the Raptors should probably go down that road.

Enjoy the game.


Doc  on November 1st, 2008

I just hope we don’t see “first half” CV after this performance late last season when everything he threw up in the 1st half of that game he couldn’t miss. 🙁

But then, the CV of old showed up for 2nd half. There probably isn’t a player in this league that plays so “hot & cold” as Charlie does.

Jay  on November 1st, 2008

True. He’s like the Microwave, but then again, he could also be called Deep Freeze. I think the Bucks will be a little quicker up and down the court than people are giving them credit for and while their scoring wasn’t great last year, it will be better this season. Should be fun to watch.

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